Insect Repellent Essential Oils that Deter Pests in Jollyville, TX; Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & More

When you are trying to get rid of pests that are invading your home most people will try just about anything. The fact that pests are in your home is enough to make people take some kind of action. There are pests such as spiders that when they are in your home can be a health concern. Many spiders carry venom that can be a problem if you are bitten. Other pests such as termites and carpenter ants are a problem because of the damage that they cause! They chew through the wood in the walls of your home causing damage that can go unseen for some time. You want to be sure that you know what works best to keep pests out of your home. Prevention is the best thing you can do to stop damage and health concerns that many pests bring to your family and home. One way to prevent a problem from occurring is to have a professional pest control company treat your home on a regular basis. There are also other things that you can do to keep pests from wanting to get in your home while making your house smell great too!

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Scents You Can Use to Deter Pests From Getting in Your House

Lemongrass Essential Oil Repels Insects: There are some oils that you can use in your home that have several benefits. First they offer an aroma that can help to set the mood of your house. If you choose to have lemongrass oil in your home you can use it several ways. One is that it has been used for an anti-fungal and has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties. These are some of the health benefits that it offers but is also is great for pest control. The smell of lemongrass to us is great but to many pests it is horrible. If you are worried about fleas and flies you can use lemongrass to keep them away. They hate the smell and will go the other way if they catch a whiff of it. You can leave a dab of the oil on areas that potential pests will enter your home such as window seals.
Peppermint Oil Insecticide: One smell that is great for the winter months is peppermint! The smell of peppermint reminds many people of the holidays and can be used in a diffuser or applied around the home. The smell of peppermint is wonderful to us but for a huge slew of pests it means turn and run. This smell has been found to send mice, spiders, beetles and ants feeling and leaving the area. If you want to use the oil as a way to prevent pests you can apply it to a cottonball and place in areas that they may enter the home.
Eucalyptus Oil Repels Roaches & Pests: Another type of oil you can use around your home that has health benefits and pest control properties is Eucalyptus oil. This is a scent that has been used for ages to treat coughs, chest colds and congestion. You can also apply the oil around the home to keep scale pests out of your home like mites and earwigs as well as other pests such as cockroaches and spiders. These occasional invaders and year round pests will leave the area if this aroma is placed in their path.

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