I Found a Scorpion in My Windemere, TX House. Are There More & How Do I Avoid Stings?

Scorpions sometimes have the same reputation that spiders do, that they are deadly and will attack humans. This is not true. Scorpions are quite shy and would rather hide from you than attack you. They will only sting when they feel threatened. They will not hunt you and their sting is definitely painful but rarely deadly. Scorpions found in the United States are mostly found in the Southwest regions. They are usually pale gold or tan in color and don’t get bigger than a few inches in size. It’s common to find scorpions in newer homes that are built on the outskirts of metropolitan areas because the vegetation is less developed than that in older, more established areas. New construction will often disturb scorpion habitats and have them looking for new shelter. This is a problem when that new shelter is your home!

Scorpion Facts

• Scorpions are nocturnal and prefer to live in places that are dark and tight.
• Their exoskeleton has a protein in it the becomes fluorescent under black light.
• They will often hide in piles of wood, bushes, rock crevices, tree bark and other debris.
• They can live for months without any food if they have a source of water.
• Their diet is made up of mostly crickets and cockroaches.
• They can’t climb a vertical surface that is smooth.
• Baby scorpions will live on their mothers back for up to three weeks.

Scorpion Stings

Scorpions do not bite. They will sting but only as a last resort. Even when they hunt, they will use their claws rather than their stingers. They only use their mandibles, or teeth, to chew their prey and ingest them. Most scorpion stings are not deadly, but they’re painful and you’ll want to avoid them. The Arizona bark scorpion is the only scorpion that has venom deadly enough to kill a human. The stinger is located on the tip of their tail. If you come across a scorpion, you’ll usually find them with their tail and stinger curled up and over their body. Their tails have little bristles of hairs and a stinger at the end. The stinger contains the venom glands. Be cautious if you discover a scorpion. You can try and scoop it into a container to remove it but make sure you’re wearing protective gloves.

How to Prevent Scorpions

The best way to avoid coming across a scorpion is to keep them off your property and out of your home.
• Remove any sources of standing water
• Seal any cracks and cervices they will use to get inside
• Inspect dark areas in your home regularly
• Keep your property tidy by removing piles of wood and other debris
• Keep outdoor lights off at night to keep pests away that scorpions eat

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Scorpions can cause terror and fright. Just the sight of one can send you into a panic. When it comes to scorpions, you want the experts to handle them. Contact A-Tex Pest Management for experts that are trained to find where scorpions are hiding and effectively remove them. Give us a call!

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