How to Treat a Black Widow & Brown Recluse Spider Bite in Jonestown, TX & Prevent Spiders in Your Home

When you are in an area that has spiders you want to know about spider bites and what you can do about them. The reality is that we live in a world that we share with pests and other animals that we need to be able to have an understanding of. Of course most of us want to have a sanctuary where we can get away from these types of things but they often come in as well. The most likely culprit to find invading your home is a pest. There are many kinds of pests that people want to keep out due to fear and other reasons. One pest that people want to avoid happen to be spiders. They are a pest that is in the arachnid family and they can get in your house through a tiny gap in a window seal or open door. You want to know what type of spiders are in your area and what their bite could mean to you and your health. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what you can expect from bites from different species of spiders.

Black Widow Spider Bite

One of the spiders that is commonly feared is the black widow. They are a spider that is found often and can be identified quite easily. The black widow is a shiny black spider that has a marking on the body. It is a red hour glass shape that can be seen while they are sitting in their webbing. If you are bitten by a black widow spider you might think you are in bad shape. The reality is that black widow bites do not cause death unless there is an underlying issue. That does not mean that it does not cause some pain and discomfort. The bite is a small prick on the skin and in an hours’ time can leave a red mark that can be swollen and bring with it nausea and a headache. Most of the time you do not need to see the doctor for any treatment as long as it start to heal.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

The next type of spider that many people are fearful of is the brown recluse. They are a spider that should be a bit more feared in terms of the bite that they have. They are a brown spider that has a violin shape on their body. They can and will bite if you come across one and it feels threatened. The brown recluse bite is venomous and the injection that is sent in your body can have a severe outcome. Young children and the elderly usually have a worse reaction than a healthy adult. They result is something that usually comes closer to eight hours after the bite. There is pain, swelling, redness, fever, firmness and over a few days and weeks you can see the tissue star to decay. The necrosis is a result of the bite and many times will require medical attention.

How to Prevent Spider Bites

The top way to control the chance you will be bitten by a spider is to have your home treated for pests. A pest control service that is done regularly all year long can keep pests out of your house. The more you prevent them from getting in the better your chances are of not being bitten by any pest including spiders.

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