How to Prevent Pest Infestation Problems in Round Rock TX Homes, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants & Other Businesses; Interior & Exterior Pest Inspections & Control

Every home and business has certainly seen their fair share of pests running a muck at one time or another. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice, pigeons, and any other common infiltrator has had the element of surprise while you walk into a well planned ambush attack, or at least that is what it seems. No matter what has intruded on your private moments, having pests in the house or your place of work is not particularly preferable!

A-Tex Pest Management shares some tips and advice on how you can greatly reduce pests from invading your Greater Austin Texas home or business.

1. Exterior Pest Inspection. Begin by walking the exterior of your home or building. From rooftop to the bottom foundation, inspect your home for any cracks, holes, crevices or damages. If you are uncomfortable with heights, utilize binoculars for your roof inspections. Utility service pipes, vents, and such should be properly safeguarded and damage free to prevent insects, rodents, birds or other wildlife from damaging the area or using it to gain entry. If any holes or cracks and such are discovered, be sure to repair them accordingly. For smaller fissures apply caulk.
– After you are certain nothing can come in through any damaged avenues, ensure screens for windows and doors are fully intact, cleaned and up to par with their functionality.
– Ensure garbage lids are securely fastened, and periodically clean the trash cans inside and out.
– Keep up on landscape maintenance. Trees need to be pruned. Bushes, hedges, and grass trimmed away from the home to lessen the chances of wandering pests on your property.
– Repair leaks and keep pools covered when not in use. Treat ornamental ponds.
– Avoid allowing standing water for too long, as it can attract unwanted guests such as mosquitoes. If pet food is kept outside, be sure to keep pet food storage fully secure, and avoid leaving food available 24/7 as this could invite hungry pests looking for convenient food sources.
– Remove the clutter. Firewood and other building material you intend to keep around should be neatly organized and stacked away from the house whenever possible.

2. Interior Pest Inspection. Follow suit on your inspection of any holes or cracks and get them repaired if necessary. Doors and windows that allow light to pass through or have a draft need to be fitted with weather stripping, or caulk on the windows where it is appropriate.
– Repair leaks to avoid allowing a natural water source, or promoting damp conditions for the pests that crave that kind of atmosphere.
– Clear out the pantry and cupboards. Clean any accidental spills and crumbs. Store food packaged in paper, thin plastics and cardboard in a more durable, seal-able container.
– Remove clutter as bugs often seek security and warmth. Undisturbed mounds of clutter like magazines, papers, linens and such should be discarded, donated or found a proper place to be kept.
– Routinely clean out trash cans and ensure their lids are secure.

3. Invest in professional routine pest control. With a professional applying regular maintenance sprays, the pests that chance crossing that barrier generally don’t last long, and pests are significantly reduced with the aid of professional pest management.

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