How to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home in Rollingwood, TX; Cockroach Proof Containers & More

If you want to do some every day simple tasks to keep cockroaches out of your home you first need to know what they are all about. There are three main species of cockroaches that are found most commonly in and around homes. They vary in size color and living habits but they all have one thing in common and that is they want food. They are on the hunt for a place to catch a meal and sadly enough that is often times around your home and even inside. They are night creepers and naturally stay hidden in the day time and out of sight. That will make them hard to see and identify since these are the times that most people are awake. They come out at night and look for food while the house is quiet and the lights are out. They will search through your homes kitchen and bathrooms not only for food but moisture as well. The more they find the likelier they will be to stick around your house. There are several ways to prevent them from getting in your home. A-Tex Pest Management offers some helpful tips for preventing cockroaches from getting inside your home.

Clean Up After Meals to Keep Roaches Away

One of the very most common places that you will find a cockroach around is inside your kitchen. The reason should be obvious since this is the area of you home that most people store and cook all their food. When you make a meal you are using the counters and dishes to cook and serve the food. It may seem easy enough to just put the dishes in the sink and walk away but this is an invitation to a cockroach to come on in. They are happy to come in behind you and clean up the crumbs. The smallest crumbs left behind is a whole meal for a cockroach and can also invite others in as well. Be sure to thoroughly clean up all the dishes and preparation areas around your home to ensure the crumbs have been collects. This includes sweeping the floors and taking out the trash before the end of the day.

Cockroach Proof Containers

If you have food that is not eaten and you want to save it for a later time you want to be sure that you seal it up. You can put it in a zip close bag or a Tupperware with a fitting lid. These are great ways to close off the food from the cockroaches. You also want to be sure that your pantry food is closed tight and any sticky bottles are wipes cleaned after you use them.

Seal Off Roach Entry Points

A cockroach can gain access to your home quiet easily. They are small enough that a gap in a window or door is plenty to allow them access to your home. Take time to replace worn weather stripping around your doors and windows and close off other gaps with caulking. You can find these items at a home improvement store.

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