How to Keep Wasps & Bees Away from Your Round Rock TX House, Porch, Deck, Pool & Hummingbird Feeders this Spring

Spring is a great time to start hosting backyard barbecues and watch the kids play after months of being trapped inside due to cold weather. Two nuisances that can keep you indoors this spring is the presence of wasps and bees flying around in your yard and making it extremely uncomfortable for anyone who is brave enough to venture outside. Warm weather is inviting to all, including wasps and bees and these pesky stinging insects will happily build their hives and nests right onto your home if they can. A wasps nest or bee hive that is attached to your home is an immediate danger to you and your family.

Keep Bees & Wasps Away from You; Avoid Leaving Food Outside

While having a backyard barbecue is about as American as eating a hot dog at a baseball game, there are certain foods that are more attractive to bees and wasps than others. These stinging insects tend to be more attracted to foods that contain protein. Any meats you are cooking up on the grill should immediately be placed inside after they are finished to avoid any type of swarming. It is also important to pay attention the location of your pet’s food. Pet food that is put out every day at the same time can quickly become the main food source of bees and wasps that are nearby.

Sugar Water in Hummingbird Feeders Attract Bees

If there is one food source that bees prefer over all others it is sugar. Many homeowners put hummingbird feeders out over their porch or hang them near their kitchen window so they can watch the intriguing hummingbirds buzz around. Hummingbirds love sugar water; and so do bees and wasps. Not only will bees and wasps feed on sugar water, but they will also become extremely attracted to that pitcher of iced tea or dessert that is sitting out on your porch. Sugar can increase the life span and reproductive function in may predatory wasps, making sugar a dangerous food to have out in the open.

Bee, Wasp, Yellow Jacket & Hornet Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control & Hive & Nest Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

While bees and wasps are primarily hunters, they can quickly transform into scavengers when they discover a garbage bin that has not been tightly secured. Any old food, leftovers or garbage can become extremely attractive to bees and wasps and you may find that when you go to take you trash bins in that there are a few lingering wasps buzzing around. If you have bees or wasps flying near or around your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately to avoid any dangers that these pesky stinging insects pose to you and your family. A-Tex Pest Management will safely remove bee hives and wasp nests from your property.

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