How to Keep Pests Out of Your House in Jarrell, TX; Home Sealing, Landscaping to Reduce Bugs & More

Just like the rest of the world, Texas has its fair share of pests invading out local homes and businesses. When pests wander into our abodes, typically they are in search of food, water and shelter, along with reproduction activities. Before you even are aware they have intruded, their numbers are many, and you have an infestation on your hands. The bad news is, many common pests carry harmful or destructive consequences. They can trigger allergies; infect people and pets with diseases, viruses and other ailments, along with spreading germs. Other pests can inflict structure damage that can get extremely costly to repair. The good news there some steps you can take to fortify your home and safeguard it from the pests that are more than an inconvenience. A-Tex Pest Management offers helpful tips to keep pests out of your home as the weather cools down.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Starting on the exterior of your home, inspect it for cracks, holes and damaged entry points such as; exterior vents, service pipes, etc. Seal it up with the appropriate methods. Check the rooftop as well, if you are hesitant to climb on the roof, use binoculars to spot any crevices. If there any repairs needed to the high places, enlist the aid of a professional. Install or repair if necessary, screens for windows and doors, especially if you like to open up your home for fresh air. Install weather stripping if needed. Repair leaky hoses and anything that can provide a water source. Move to the inside in a like manner, including leak repair, and fix the holes and gaps.

Landscaping to Reduce Bugs

Starting outside, ensure all trash cans have lids that fit securely, and utilize them. Every so often you need to clean out the garbage residue that attracts pests. Yard work should be will maintained. Keep trees pruned, shrubs trimmed, and grass hedged away from the home. Properly dispose of landscape debris. Many pests will seize opportunities, and if they are in the vegetation close to an open window, they can easily gain access. Lastly, remove the clutter. Firewood stock should be nicely organized as far from the house as possible. Any materials, bricks, blocks and things of that nature, should be neatly stacked up, away from your abode if you insist on keeping them, otherwise donate, recycle or trash it. Contain a food and water source. If you keep pet food outside, consider keeping it secure in a sealable container and minimize the length of time it is left exposed.

Clean Interior to Keep Pests Out

As you do outside, clean out trash receptacles periodically and keep a secure lid on it. Remove unnecessary clutter, i.e. magazines, outdated catalogs, piles of clothe and linens. If you haven’t used it in a 12 month period, chances are you are not going to. The things you no longer care to hang on to, dispose of it, recycle it, or donate it. All food should be adequately contained in sealable and durable containers. Cardboard and thin plastic bags can be easily breached to pests, keeping it in food storage containers will eliminate a bulk of the food source.

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Take advantage of professional pest control services. The benefits gained by using a routine maintenance program provided by a pest control technician can dramatically hinder pests from invading your home. Our professionals at A-Tex Pest Management have advanced training, and with our knowledge, skill and experience, we use exclusive professional grade equipment and products to extend premium services to our appreciated customers. Call us today to get started on your maintenance program.

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