How to Keep Mice & Rats Away from Your Austin, TX House; Seal Rodent Entry Points & More

There are lots of pests that want to gain access to your house when the weather gets cold. The cold weather is not ideal for most people, pets and other pests as well. That is why you will see more and more people planning events that are indoors and keeping their pets in the house. The other species that want to get in the house because of the cold happen to be pests of all types. One of the problems is with mice and rats. These rodents want to gain access to the house and start to find a place to nest and food to eat. If they are able to get in the house they will start to invade your space and can be quite difficult to get them out. You want to be sure that you know the signs of rodents in your house and what you can do to keep them out. A-Tex Pest Management offers tips to keep rodents out of your house this winter.

What Causes or Attracts Mice & Rats to Your House?

One of the first things you need to learn is what might be drawing rodents into your house. They are only going to be attracted to places that offer something they need. One of the main sources of attraction is access to food. You want to be sure you are securing the food in your house. The containers need to be sealed tightly. You also want to be sure that any crumbs and debris is picked up and thrown out at the end of each day. Lastly you need to make sure that you are not leaving pet food out either. Most people will feed their pet in the morning and then leave the food out all day and even through the night. If the pet has not eaten all the food it will then be the perfect bowl of food for a mouse or rat to consume. You feed your pet each day meaning the rodents will continue to get food as well. Be sure that you feed your pet then pick up the mess at the end of the day.

How to Find Mice & Rat Entry Points

The other aspect of keeping rodents out of your house is to know how they are even getting inside. When it comes to mice and rats they are small and can fit through an even smaller gap. That is why you need to take some care when checking for gaps. This can be in doorways, windows and gaps in the walls. They can find a small gap and get in the house and start to nest and live. You can caulk or even seal any areas that they may gain access through.

Rodent Control in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

You also need to make sure that you call a pest control company to treat your house if you suspect rodents are gaining access. They can come out and do a thorough inspection and create a plan to remove them from your house. Prevention is the best way to control the rodent infestation and to prevent any further problems but sometimes pest infestations take hold despite your best efforts. A-Tex Pest Management can come out to your house to inspect for and treat any rodent problems to keep your loved ones safe from disease ridden and property damaging mice and rats. Call us today!

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