How to Get Tawny (Rasberry) Crazy Ants Out of Electronics & Electrical Appliances in Hutto, TX

The Tawny Crazy Ant, also known as the Rasberry Ant, is named after the person who discovered them back in 2002 in the state of Texas, a man by the name of Tom Rasberry. This is an invasive ant species that is becoming well known for their odd destructive behavior. A-Tex Pest Management will share more about this species of ants and how you can help prevent them from infesting your home and destroying your home’s electronics.

Crazy Ant Identification

All ants look very similar. However up close they do have their own unique traits. Tawny crazy ants are a yellowish brown color and they grow between the sizes of 1/16 to 1/5 on an inch in length. In addition, they have long antennae that are jointed in the middle. A unique ability that tawny crazy ants possess is that they produce a hormone or chemical compound that protects them from other invasive species and other ants, such as fire ants.

Wandering Ants in House

Tawny crazy ants are actually not native to America. They are native to South America and were brought here. Due to the tawny crazy ant’s ability to ward off enemies or threats, they have no natural predators here in North America. Without a single natural enemy, the tawny crazy ant is thriving. They are also known for their odd behavior. Like most ants, they live under ground in hives with a queen. However, their foraging method is quite chaotic without any kind of order like most ants. They are omnivores which mean they will eat vegetation as well as meats. They have an appetite for salty meats and sweets, which is the common reason they will forage inside of homes.

Ants Attracted to Electricity

When they invade homes they will sometimes climb inside electrical equipment and even make their nest inside of them. This in turn causes damage and the shorting out of these devices. The two major issues with Tawny Crazy Ants are their destructive behavior and the queen’s efficient reproductive system, which creates a super colony in a very short period of time.

Crazy Ant Prevention

Controlling tawny crazy ants can be difficult once a colony is established and once they have discovered your home is full of food. To help reduce your chances of getting a tawny crazy ant infestation, you will want to remove optimal living conditions. By maintaining your yard, it helps disturb any hives and reduce foraging opportunities from these ants. Additionally, you will want to avoid leaving any food around the home where ants will be able to detect it’s sent and be compelled to invade your home. However, your best defense is to use a professional pest control company to help prevent pests from invading your home. Ants can be dealt with by the use of insecticides and baits that they carry back to their hive and hopefully eliminate the queen.

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