How to Get Rid of Crickets In & Outside Your Georgetown, TX House & Silence that Noise!

There are lots of pests that can start to come out and attempt to invade your house. As the season changes that types of pests that you will see more often change as well. The summer months happens to bring lots of pests that are well known. You will see more wasps, bees and cockroaches to name a few. They need the warm air and the moisture as well to survive and live out their life. The other pests that exist in the summer and the heat are crickets. They are a pest that can become a huge invasion if you are not careful. Crickets are a nuisance and can create a mess as well as noise that can be aggravating. They are making sound as a way to sound off that they are looking for a mate. You want to do what you can to eliminate crickets when you first start to notice them in and around your house. A-Tex Pest Management has how you can deal with unwanted crickets.

Are Crickets Harmful to Your House?

If you have crickets in your house you will soon realize that you want to keep them out. One of the most annoying things you will notice is that they make noise and usually in the night or when it is quiet. The male crickets make a chirping sound that they use to invite the females over. This can be a major annoyance when you are trying to relax and sleep. Although this is not dangerous it can be annoying but they can cause damage as well. Some species of crickets are known for eating and chewing through fabric in the house as well as books and other papers. This can over time create damage that you will need to repair or replace.

What Attracts Crickets in the House

The pests that you see in your house did not start off there. They are actually out in nature and are equipped to live in it. That does not mean that they do not want to find a better and easier place to reside. That is why pests will start to make their way into your house and your property. They are looking for an easy meal and more important than that a place that they can nest and hide. Your house has all the things that they need to survive and that makes it an easy target. They are able to get in the house through small gaps in the weather stripping around your doors and your windows. You want to make sure that your home is secure if you want to keep crickets out.

How to Keep Crickets Out

One of the things that crickets are drawn to are cardboard and papers. It is a good idea to keep cardboard out of your garage and use plastic bins if possible. They love to live in and hide on cardboard. You also need to make sure you are keeping the house clear of debris so that crickets are not able to hide around the outer edges of the house. Lastly ensure that your home is treated with professional pest control services. This will help to control the crickets that still get in the house or around it.

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