How to Avoid Your Cedar Park, TX Kitchen Pantry Becoming an Insect Pest Magnet to Indian Meal Moths, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Flour Mites, Weevils & Ants!

When pests are able to successfully gain access into your home there is only one goal on their mind and that goal is to search out and discover a reliable food source. A reliable food source for any pest that enters into your home will provide them with the strength and nourishment they need to grow in numbers, build a healthy nest and flourish throughout your home. Of course the number one source of a reliable food stash for pests in your home is the kitchen pantry. Your kitchen pantry is like an all you can eat buffet to pests and provides a number of options for a variety of pest species to thrive on. Keeping pests out of your kitchen pantry can become difficult if pests have already successfully infested your home. The best way to protect your kitchen pantry from further food heists is to hire A-Tex Pest Management to eliminate pests that are in your home.

Avoid Pouring a Bowl of Flour Mites, Grain Beetles & Weevil Pests for Breakfast

Many homeowners that have pests lingering throughout their kitchen pantry often discover them first by pouring a bowl of cereal for breakfast and instead of finding fruity flakes, they have a bowl full of breakfast bugs. Discovering bugs in your breakfast bowl may be disgusting but it is not unusual. Many insects like to eat what we eat, so a box of cereal is just as delicious to them as it is to us. Stored foods that are often infested by pests include flour, cereals, cracked grains, baking mixes and processed foods, crackers, macaroni, cured meats, powdered milk, dried fruits, nuts, popcorn and spices. Most of us have the majority of these items throughout our kitchen so it is not a far stretch to think that there already may be some type of pest feasting in your pantry. A-Tex Pest Management will assist you in keeping these pests away from your food, and out of your home. It is important that you take the time to store your food up tightly and securely, making it difficult for insects to get into.

Indian Meal Moths, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Flour Mites, Weevils & Ants are Common Kitchen Pantry Pest Invaders

There are a variety of pest species that will invade your kitchen pantry and begin to eat up your food supply, one of the most common pests to do so is the beetle. Beetles are scavengers and can be found feeding on flour, cracked grains, cake mixes, beans, peas, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, spices and even tobacco. Weevils have the ability to feed on whole grains, so not only will they eat your cereal, but they can also be found in warehouses infesting large grain bins. Grain Mites are pests of food and feed on products like cheese, corn and dried fruit. The number one kitchen pantry pest is the ant. Ants can easily gain access into your home and smell food from far distances away, the worst part about ants is that they travel in very large numbers.

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