How Easily Do Bed Bugs Spread in Granger, TX? How to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation & Stop the Bites!

Among the many exceptional pest control services A-Tex Pest Management offers is bed bug control. With the increasing bed bug epidemic, bed bug control is especially needed, and with A-Tex Pest Management, our specialists have extensive and advanced training to be successful in bed bug inspection and extermination. Prior to WWII bed bugs were running rampant, and had become a serious problem across the United States. After WWII, potent pesticides nearly wiped them out, becoming mostly only known in children’s rhymes. But with worldwide traveling being exceptionally convenient, and common public transportation and other accommodations, bed bugs are on the rise again. Being more resilient than their bed bug ancestors, they are a little more difficult to detect and exterminate to the untrained person.

How Do I Identify Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, brown with flat oval shaped bodies. However, after a bloody feast, they appear engorged and have a reddish tint. Bed bugs are nocturnal and will consume the blood of warm-blooded animals, humans being ideal. Being so small, when their populations are low they stick to hiding around the bed; frame, headboard, mattress, spring box, and linens. As the bed bug population increases, they have a tendency to spread out through the bedroom; baseboards, outlets, furniture, picture frames, and anywhere they can be concealed and secure. If left unattended bed bug masses can spill into other rooms, or throughout a building.

How Easily Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs are easily transported unknowingly through the public. Often hidden in the folds of clothing, luggage, or person affects, bed bugs are very transient. They can be found in on airplanes, trains, busses and other means of public transportation, lodging establishments, move theaters, offices, apartments and houses to name a few. The most common ways people bring bed bugs into their homes are done by staying in infested beds belonging to hotels or motels. The bed bugs slip into luggage and then are brought into your home where their numbers grow. Being so small, they often go undetected until the infestation is greatly numbered.

How Do You Know if Bites are from Bed Bugs?

Below are a few warning signs you a bed bug infestation.
Bed bug bites. Bed bugs leave behind itchy, red and inflamed marks that usually remain flat, often in an aligned trail along the shoulders and arm, but it can vary among the whole body. Bed bugs have not been linked to infecting any diseases among their human hosts, but there bites are fairly annoying to deal with.
Blood & stains on sheets. After a fulfilling bloody entrée, bed bugs will often leave rusty colored excrement, and your sheets might be blemished with drops of stained blood. Throughout a bed bug’s life cycles, they molt their skin to evolve into the maturing stage, their molten skin is frequently in the sheets as well.
Pungent odors. When bed bug numbers are high, there is a detection of awe towel kind of smell that emanates from the pheromones they release.

Bed Bug Pest Inspections, Treatment Control & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

Should you suspect bed bugs in your Nassau County or surrounding areas residential home or commercial business, call in the specialists of A-Tex Pest Management. Our certified experts can perform an inspection to detect bed bugs, and apply necessary treatment wherever they are found to exterminate the blood suckers. Call us to get started on your bed bug control service!

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