How Do You Keep Rats & Mice Away in Taylor, TX? Remove Food & Water, Rodent Exclusion & More

The weather is starting to change and that also means the types of pests that are entering your home changed too. When the weather cools this is when rodents decide they need a nice safe and warm spot to make a nest and take care of their family. Some people actually choose to have these kinds of rodents as a pet, but if you don’t it’s one of the last things that you want to see scurrying by. When it comes to rodents the most common kind found inside a home are rats and mice. A-Tex Pest Management has some tips and advice to keep your home secure from these nasty critters.

Food Attracts Rodents

This is one of the biggest draws for a rodent. If they can find food that is easy to get to then they will start to make a home there. You may think you are pretty clean and so there is no way that a mouse or rat could find food, but you may be wrong. A mouse or rat can find a crumb that seems too small to matter and use that to take back to their nest. They are also able to smell food that may be unsealed and can get inside to eat away at the contents. The best way to keep rodents from feeding in your home is to seal all food that has been opened. You also need to be sure that you sweep up the floors in the kitchen each night to ensure there are no crumbs they can find. It is always best to have all dirty dishes washed and put away before you go to bed. These critters do most of their work at night while you sleep.

Rodents are Attracted to Water

If you have a water source that may not be completely dried up, that may be enough to sustain a rodent. This could be a small leak in a plumbing pipe or a leaking faucet. Rodents don’t need much water to survive so if they have access to even a small amount it will be enough. The best way to make sure you are not watering a rodent family is to be sure that all your faucets are sealed tight and you do not have any plumbing leaks.

How Do You Find Out where Mice are Coming In?

A mouse or rat only needs a small hole to get access to your home. They are able to fit through a hole as small as a dime. This means that even small spaces are an opening for a rodent. The best way to keep your home secure is when you take the time to seal up low level holes and cracks. You can do this with a caulk that can be bought at any home improvement store.

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