How Do You Keep Mice & Rats Out of Your School in Granger, TX; Rodent Sealing & More

As we continue moving into the fall season, more and more people will start to notice that rats and mice start to look for cover from the cooler temperatures. Not only is this a problem that many homeowners will face this fall, but it is also a concern for schools as well. Mice don’t care if it is someone’s house or a large school building, they are just looking for somewhere to seek shelter from the cold weather. Keeping rodents out of schools is no small task. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share some tips that will hopefully help keep rodents out of your school this fall.

How Do You Keep Rodent Pests from Coming into Your School?

There are several things that can be done to help ensure there aren’t rodents going to school with the students this fall. Following are some of our best tips to help keep your school rodent free:
– Handle Food Properly: It is vital that there is no food lying around inside a school building. This is going to be the number one thing that attracts rodents. All food should be contained inside the cafeteria and stored in airtight containers that are rodent proof. The best type of containers to keep rodents out are made of glass or plastic. If there is food that is consumed in classrooms, it needs to be cleaned up properly after eating is finished. It should never get left in a classroom. The cafeteria area should be cleaned properly on a daily basis to avoid attracting not only rodents but other pests as well.
– Seal the Building: There are more than likely several different small openings found around the building. It doesn’t take a large opening for a rodent to make its way inside. If you find that there are any small openings, these can be best sealed using caulking or steel wool. Larger openings can be sealed using concrete and hardware cloth. Working with a pest control professional can help to ensure you don’t miss any openings that are large enough for pests to gain entry into the building.
– Get Rid of Clutter: All schools have a certain amount of clutter found throughout the building. It is important that you get rid of this clutter as rodents find these areas highly desirable. They will choose cluttered spaces over clean spaces to build their nests. Areas to pay particularly close attention to would be storage areas and basements where belongings have been sitting untouched for a long period of time.

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If you are in charge of maintaining a school building, it is important for the staff as well as the students that they have a space to learn and grow that won’t be shared with rodents. At A-Tex Pest Management, we have the tools needed to successfully keep rodents out of your buildings this fall when they are trying to find somewhere to hide out during the winter months. Call us today!

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