How Do You Keep Fleas Out of Your House in Lakeway, TX? Flea Prevention Treatments & More

A flea infestation is uncomfortable for your dog or cat and can harm their health. Flea saliva can cause skin allergies, including skin dermatitis and bacterial infections. Ingesting eggs can cause tapeworms, and severe infestations can cause anemia, especially in cats. Fleas can also affect the health and well-being of you and your family members, causing itchy, red, painful welts. Fleas take up residence on carpets, rugs, and your soft furnishings and are hard to get rid of. Pest control products are often ineffective and messy to use. The good news is your A-Tex Pest Management professionals have the knowledge, equipment, and commercial pest control products to eradicate all traces of fleas in your home and yard.

What Stops Fleas from Coming in the House?

1. Provide Your Pets with Monthly Flea & Tick Prevention Year-Round: prevent fleas at the source by providing your pets with monthly flea and tick prevention. Prevention is better than the cure, and you will be surprised at how affordable protecting your pet is with a vet-recommended prescription product.
2. Vacuum Your Home and Change Your Vacuum Bags Regularly: Even scrupulously clean homes can have fleas. Fleas can be brought into the house on your shoes and other belongings. Fleas quickly reproduce and can reside in carpets, rugs, soft furnishings like sofas, chairs, cushions, and even bed pillows. Fleas can live in your vacuum canister. Add a flea collar to the bag or canister to prevent a reinfestation to stop fleas in their tracks.
3. Get Your Pets Regularly Bathed & Groomed: regular bathing and grooming will keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy. Use a flea comb to remove any traces of eggs.
4. Wash Bedding in Hot Water: Even if your animals are flea free, it’s a good idea to wash pet bedding in hot water to keep it clean and pest free. Washing bedding in hot soapy water will eliminate all traces of flea eggs and larvae that could be lurking in the fibers. There is nothing worse than watching your beloved pet whine in discomfort from itching and scratching during the night.
5. Keep Grass, Shrubs & Trees Trimmed: If your yard has trees and shrubs growing wild, it is an open invitation to fleas. Your grass should be mowed regularly, and your shrubs and trees should be cut back and pruned. Ticks like dark places, so cutting back shrubs to allow sunlight in will make the area less appealing to fleas and ticks. The same applies to keeping the grass trimmed. Never leave pet food outside; doing so can encourage wildlife that has the potential to bring fleas onto your property.

How Do You Prepare for Pest Treatment?

Once your home is clean and clutter free and your pet’s bedding and soft furnishings are washed, it’s time for a final vacuum of all of the areas that will be treated. Vacuum carpets, area rugs, upholstery, hard flooring, crevices, and cracks. Don’t forget to empty your vacuum canister outside. Regular vacuuming will make your home less appealing to nuisance pests like fleas. All that’s left to do is sit back and let your A-Tex Pest Management pest control experts do the rest. Once fleas are eliminated from your yard, and your home is back under your control, your A-Tex Pest Management expert will maintain a regular service to keep your home flea free throughout the year.

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