How Do You Get Rid of Bald-Faced Hornets in Barton Creek, TX? Hire Professionals to Remove Wasp Nest!

Bald faced hornets are a notorious pest that becomes a major problem during the summer season. They are not super aggressive in nature; however they will protect their nest if threatened. Most people can recognize a bald faced hornet when they see one as they are black with a white face and stripes. Most people don’t worry when they see a bald faced hornet gathering nectar since they won’t sting or attack people when they are foraging. It is a much different story when it comes to protecting their nest. If you find a bald faced hornet’s nest in your yard, A-Tex Pest Management will share the techniques used to remove wasp nests.

Get Rid of Hornets Yourself or Hire Professionals to Remove Nest?

Bald faced hornets are actually part of the wasp family and usually will leave people alone when they are foraging. Like bees they feed on nectar and other insects, including those harmful to humans. Because they help with pollination they are considered beneficial to agricultural. They do pose a problem if they choose to build their nest near someone‚Äôs yard. Where bald faced hornets won’t attack you less their nest is threatened, it is highly recommended that you leave the nest removal to a professional. Bald faced hornets have a stinger much like a hypodermic needle that is filled with a strong toxin venom. Unlike some species of bee, bald faced hornets can sting multiple times. For those who may be allergic to their venom, this can become a life threatening scenario.

How Do Professionals Remove Hornets Nests?

When removing a wasp nest it is important to pick the right time. In most cases the best time to destroy a nest is as it is being built. This occurs during the early spring. At this time, young females will begin building the first stages of the nest to provide a safe place for her eggs and future workers. If you discover the bald faced hornet and their nest in the middle of summer, it is recommended you wait until autumn when the activity begins to dwindle. During the summer the colony will be at the height of population where there can easily be 400 workers prepared to sting anything that threatens them. However if you need to remove a nest any time during the year, the golden hour is after dusk. Wasps do not work during the night time. When removing the nest you will need a light source. However make sure the light is only hitting the nest and not the person removing the nest. Another recommendation is covering the light with red cellophane wrap to give off a red light. Bald faced hornets can’t see in red light. Wear fully protective clothing including eye protection and gloves. Begin by using a foaming agent to seal the wasps inside the nest. Next, spray an aerosol or insecticide to kill the wasps then you can remove the nest.

What to Do if there is a Wasp Nest in Your House?

Keep in mind that bald faced hornets do play their role in our food supply as they do help pollinate. Therefore it is recommended you remove the nest in its early stages, during the spring. The queen wasp often will get discouraged and look for safer places away from people to build her nest. Another side note: queen bald faced hornets will sometimes build their nests inside homes. If you see her flying inside do try to escort her out of your home. If you are going to wait out the summer months before removing the nest, make sure not to wear strong floral perfumes or bright colors. Bald faced hornets are drawn to both while mistaking you for a flower.

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As bald faced hornets do pose a threat, if they are found too close to home and you need them removed quickly, contact a pest control company that offers wasp control and nest removal. A-Tex Pest Management can help control and remove wasps and hornets. For all of your pest control needs, contact A-Tex Pest Management today.

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