How Do Wasps Survive the Winter in Wells Branch, TX? Are They Hibernating in Your House?

According to a local news channel, there is a large influx of wasps in the homes of Texas residents. This is alarming to those that have the problem and leaves many scratching their heads at the cause. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about wasps in your home and why they are there.

Wasps in My House in Winter?

If you are finding wasps inside your home during the winter, they are usually paper wasps. These are the wasps whose nests resemble an upside-down umbrella. The wasps you are seeing in your home are likely going to be queen in the coming warm season. The other wasps in the colony will start to die off in the fall season. Only the wasps that are newly mated females will survive the winter. They often end up in your home because they are looking for a warm place to wait out the winter months.

Wasps Generally Hide & Aren’t Usually Seen Inside Your Home During Winter

Most people don’t even know that wasps have chosen their home as the perfect resting place for the winter. The reason being, wasps can fly and make it into your home near the top of your home. They often end up hiding out in the attic of your home; although, you may see them lurking around the windows if the sun is shining just right.

Wasp Activity in the Winter

Generally, wasps don’t start to stir until the weather warms up in the spring. People in Texas are finding that they are coming in hoards this winter. It has to do with the especially warm winter last year that brought in a large population of mosquitoes. With more mosquitoes comes more wasps to eat them. Usually, wasps sleep all winter, but when we experience a really warm winter day, they occasionally wake up. They are sluggish and slow upon awakening and can be easily killed.

While Not a Threat, Wasps Still Sting in Winter

When wasps are awoken prematurely, they aren’t generally dangerous. While they aren’t going to be aggressive and seek you out like they would in the summer months, they still have the ability to sting you and should be treated with care when getting rid of them. Those that have any allergy to stinging insects should be extremely cautious when getting rid of these winter stragglers.

Wasp Stinging Insect Pest Inspections, Control & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you find that you are one of the Texas residents that is seeing a large amount of wasp activity in your home, you may be better off leaving the problem to the professionals. At A-Tex Pest Management, our team of qualified technicians have the resources and experience needed to get rid of any unwanted guests you may have this winter. Whenever you are dealing with stinging insects you should always use extreme caution to avoid any risk of getting stung. Call us today and we will help you eradicate your wasp and other pest problems.

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