How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Wasps & Nests in Hutto, TX? Don’t Spray, Set Fire or Knock Down!

The spring and summer months are here and with that comes the nice warm weather. We have all been waiting for the weather to warm up and to allow for more outdoor activities but so have some pests too. The warm weather is the perfect condition for several types of pests to show up and one of those pests is a wasp. Wasps are known for their feisty demeanor as well as their love of the water. They are often found in areas that have water which can be pools, Jacuzzis or stagnant water as well. When the water is close to your home the wasp might choose to set up shop close by. That means that your home could be home to a wasp nest too. If you are housing a wasp nest you will have these stinging pests flying all around. Most people want to have these nests moved so that their family does not have to encounter a sting. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what to avoid when dealing with a wasp nest.

Do Not Spray a Wasp Nest with a Hose

Your first thought that you might go for when you see a wasp nest around your home is to grab the hose. You may think that the hose is a great way to stay back a distance and spray the nest down. It looks papery and water beats paper every time. The biggest problem that you are sure to encounter is where are the wasps going to go? They are living in the nest and if you try and destroy it by spraying it you are going to anger the wasps. They will then go out for revenge and the person holding the hose is most likely the target. You want to treat the wasp nest the right way to be sure that they are not still swarming around your home.

Can You Set Fire to a Wasp Nest?

If you see a papery nest above your front door you may go for the matches. Using fire to treat a wasp nest or any type of nest is a terrible decision. The first and biggest problem is that the fire cannot always be kept under control. The wasp nest might catch fire faster than you think and next thing you know the eves have caught fire as well. You are putting your entire home at risk for a potential house fire. The second problem is similar to the water being used. You are now left with a large swarm or angry wasps that are going to still be in the area. They will leave the nest that you are trying to burn and that will leave you defending yourself from them. The wasps can easily start a new nest in the very same place.

Don’t Try to Knock Down a Wasp Nest

Another way that people attempt to deal with a wasp nest is to hit it down with a stick. The nest will most likely take several hits to actually dislodge it from where it was built. That means that you have to be close enough to hit it and that means you are close enough to be stung too.

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