How Do I Keep Pests out of My Apartment in Hutto, TX? Seal Unit to Keep Pest Infestations Away & More

Apartment living is ideal for those that don’t want to travel far to live, work and play. Living in close proximity to many others. There’s the noise you’ll share through the walls you’ll be able to smell what they’re having for dinner down the hall. You may find yourself sharing things with your neighbors that will make you mad. One of the hardest problems that apartment managers deal with are pest infestations. A-Tex Pest Management offers helpful tips to keep pests out of your apartment.

What Bug & Pest Problems Do Apartments Have?

With everyone is living so close to one another, it can be hard to figure out where the pests are coming from. Some of these pests include flies, wasps, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, ants and spiders. These units share utilities that make it easy for pests to get from one unit to the next. Pests can also get in through windows, ventilation vents, AC units and doors that may not have proper door sweeps. Sometimes, as a tenant, there won’t be anything you can do but there are ways you can make it harder for them to make themselves at home. Getting rid of pests in apartments can be very difficult without the support of the management and the tenants that are next to you. Many times, a pest infestation can be linked to tenant behavior. If it is, that tenant will be responsible for part of cost to take care of the problem.

What are Ways to Prevent Pests?

1. Reconsider second hand furniture. Secondhand furniture is less expensive but can harbor bed bugs, powder post beetles and other pests. Inspect any used furniture very carefully before you bring them into the building.
2. Inspect packages carefully. Many pests will hitch a ride on packages. As these packages make their way to their final destination, pests will hitch a ride too. To limit any potential infestations, check any packages carefully.
3. Be cautious after traveling. Bed bugs are great at finding their way back to your home after a trip, but they can also be found in retail stores, movie theaters and more. After a trip, inspect your items and vacuum out your suitcases before you put them away.

How Can I Seal My Apartment from Bugs & Pests?

There are more steps you can take to pest proof your apartment.
• Take garbage out regularly
• Keep the kitchen clean by wiping the counters down and keeping the floors swept
• Mop once a week to clean up liquid spills
• Vacuum at least once a week
• Keep feeding areas for pets clean
• Dry foods should be stored in sealed plastic containers
• Get rid of clutter that can provide harborage for pests
• Have moisture problems taken care of

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Do your part to keep unwanted pests away. If you notice pests in your apartment, you need to contact the building manager right away, so they can determine the steps needed to take care of the problem. The faster you contact the building manager, the faster the problem can be taken care of. Building managers need the help of professional pest control to keep their facility free of pests. Contact A-Tex Pest Management for any pest control needs.

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