How Do I Keep Flies Out of My Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant in Manchaca, TX?

Perfect lighting, pleasant music, mouth-watering smells that come from the kitchen, and of course the flavor that pops from the food are all qualities restaurant owners want. Souring the whole experience that would be otherwise enjoyable, are the unwelcomed visitors, such as pests, including flies. Keeping flies out of your kitchen should be one of the top priorities, whether you work in or run a restaurant of any kind. To increase the potential success of your business ensuring the restaurant is pest free, including from flies, since they are unsanitary and highly obnoxious to have around, it is important to what you can. With this in mind, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to recommend options on reducing flies in your restaurant from infestations and future flies in the kitchen and dining area.

How Do You Control Flies in a Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant?

1) Proper garbage removal. No matter where it is at, flies are attracted to the waste, garbage, and rubbish. To hinder the flies’ attraction from coming indoors, it is critical the trash be taken out often and the dumpster be located away from the restaurant. To keep the flies away from the patrons’ food, making sure the waste is far enough away from your guests.
2) Thorough maintenance cleaning. In addition to their attraction for garbage, spills and messes are also known to draw in flies. The messes should be promptly cleaned as they happen, no matter where they happen in the restaurant. In order to see what the smell has to offer, an especial attraction for flies, are odors, and they will explore the possibilities. Sweep the floors often, and keep surfaces wiped down, as well as sweep the floors often, and keep surfaces wiped down. It is important for sanitation, health codes, and the overall presentation of the restaurant to maintain cleanliness and it also deters flies and other pests.
3) Moisture control. Since flies need water, like most living things, they are likely wanting to be close to a water source. Make certain to repair the leaks and cleanup the drips and any standing water as they develop to prevent flies from wondering too close to the kitchen and dining areas, as well as improve safety.
4) Professional pest maintenance services. In addition to your efforts, professional pest control services help eliminate infestations as well provide a barrier to prevent pests from coming indoors. You can significantly reduce or prevent pests from occurring at all through preventative maintenance and pest control efforts. Any amount flies infesting your restaurant can pose a problem for many reasons, though flies do not seem like a problem to call in professionals.

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Because you are associated with being dirty and having flies annoying the guests or even the kitchen staff as restaurants build their reputation on good food, solid service, and clean environments, the last thing you want is to lose your business to the competition. Ensure they are not part of the equation to prevent the flies from becoming the focus of your restaurant. Call A-Tex Pest Management and let our specialists help you combat the flies that might infest your business to help keep your restaurant fly and pest free.

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