How Do House Spiders Survive the Winter in Granger, TX & How to Keep Spider Pests Out of Your Home!

When the weather changes from one season to the next, a lot of other things about daily life changes too. When it cools down you are going to get out your coats and gloves and pack away the flip flops. You might also start to cook different foods and most people will spend more time indoors. That is due to the weather being cold enough that it is no longer comfortable to be spending time outdoors. The same can be said for pests. Pests are also changing out and summer pests will die off and the winter pests will start to invade homes. One pest that is a year round critter and can be seen on the hottest day to one of the coldest is the spider. They are built to last through the cold winter months when many other pests hibernate or die off. There are some reasons that a spider is able to deal with the cold. A-Tex Pest Management outlines some of the reasons a spider is able to live through the winter and why they get in your house.

Spiders have Antifreeze Proteins

When a pest gets too cold the blood will start to freeze from small ice crystals that form and attach to the blood. If the blood freezes the pest will die and not be able to live though it. The difference with a spider is that they have a protein that is in their body that is an antifreeze. It will attach to the ice that begins to form and not allow it to attach to the blood of the spider. This is one reason that a spider is able to live in temperature that can be under five degrees. The winter is not enough to get rid of a spider

Spiders are Cold Blooded

Another big reason that a spider is able to get through the cold of the winter is that they don’t feel cold. They are a cold blooded critter which means that they don’t shiver. Their body temperature is the same as the ground around them. It can be from the air, water or spoil that they are living around. A cold blooded pest is not one that is looking for a warm house to live in since the cold weather is not affecting them in general. They are able to withstand the cold and live right through it. That does not mean that you won’t find them in your home.

What Attracts Spiders to Your House?

The reason that you are going to see spiders in the winter is for food. They are not looking for a nice warm area to call home because they can live in the cold. They are looking for food and because the majority of the pests that they eat will be inside. Their main food source is in your home and offices and that makes your home a target for spiders to come in.

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