Flying & Crawling Bugs & Pests that Come Out at Night in Your Round Rock, TX House

No one wants to see a pest walking through or flying in their home. It is supposed to be a place that you can sit around and enjoy without the outside getting in. The problem is that just like you want to be in a temperature controlled environment the pests do to. There are some pests that are a real annoyance landing on your dinner, buzzing past your face and spinning their webs in the corner of your room. These are the pests that you are seeing each and every day that you have to deal with. Although they are an annoyance and you want to have them dealt with there are others that you are not seeing. There is a whole slew of pests that only come out at night. These night time invaders are pests that keep hidden during the daylight hours while you are up and aware of their existence. Even if you don’t see pests in your home they are still there. They can be the nocturnal type that are only out when you sleep.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists the Most Common Types of Nocturnal Pests

Bed Bugs Top the List: When you are talking about the most common pests that come out at night the bed bug is the number one intruder. Bed bugs are a pest that are extreme and will reproduce quickly causing the infestation to increase fast. Bed bugs are nocturnal because of their need for blood. They hide in the cracks and crevices of your mattress, blankets and cushions. Bed bugs will need to come out at night to feed on blood. The pest will come out once a person is sleeping in the bed or couch and attach to the exposed skin. They will fill up on blood and when they are done they will head back to their hiding place. They are hard to find because of their size and the hiding habits. If you suspect you have a problem with bed bugs you want to contact a professional as soon as possible to have them taken care of. Any fabric that leaves the house has the potential to spread the bed bugs to anyone close by.
Rodents Are Most Active at Night: If you lay down for the night only to start hearing some scurrying around you might have a problem with rodents such as mice. They are quiet when the house is awake and people are out and about. They wait for the safety of the quiet and dark to come out and look for food and materials to build their nest. You might notice they have chewed through boxes or bags of food. If you are worried about rodents, call a professional.
Cockroaches Are Nocturnal: Cockroaches are one of the most despised pest. They are a nasty critter that is known to carry disease and bacteria. They find dark and moist places to hide in the daytime. When the lights go out, the cockroaches come out in search of food. The majority of people come across a cockroach when they enter a room and flip on a light; especially in the kitchen.

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