Fall Pest Exclusion & Control Services in Briarcliff, TX; Home Sealing to Keep Overwintering Pests Out & More

It may still be sunny and warm outside, and preparing your home for the fall weather is probably the furthest thing on your mind. Still, it’s never too early to protect your home from nuisance pests taking up residence and extending their stay during the cold months of winter. As the days get shorter and the cooler weather settles in, pests begin to search for a place to shelter that is toasty warm with access to plenty of food and water, making your home the ideal place to settle in and hunker down.

Types of Overwintering Pests

Pests that take sanctuary within your home for warmth and food during the cold weather are often referred to as overwintering pests. Some common examples include rodents, ants, flies, stink bugs, box elders, lady beetles, and various stinging insects. Stink bugs can often be found hiding in homes during the fall, while box elders invade in large numbers gaining access through cracks. Lady beetles on the other hand looking for warmth can be found on walls with access to sunlight. Rodents enter through holes and can wreak havoc on your electrical wires and spread disease. Ants move large colonies into walls to protect themselves from the cold and stinging insects can often be found entering looking for food sources to sustain nests during the fall. The good news is there are steps that you can take, when combined with your professional A-Tex Pest Management services to protect your home from overwintering pests.

Home Sealing to Keep Pests Out

Begin your fall home maintenance by examining the exterior of your home for any pest activity. Next, take a close look at your exterior paying particular attention to any cracks or crevices or holes around your pipes and utilities and repair these immediately.. Inspect windows, screens, and doors for any gaps or holes and repair or replace damaged screens as soon as you can. Install door sweeps to keep pests at bay. Inspect the areas around your property for any actively and take a close look at your exterior buildings for any stinging insect activity. Lastly, inspect your attic insulation for signs of rodent activity, some nuisance pests including rodents use insulation as bedding material.

Pest Prevention

One of the joys of the fall season is the holidays and for many homeowners decorating for the season is a special celebration for family and friends. Unfortunately, decorating is also an opportunity for pests to invade your home. In fact before you even realize it some of your favorite fall decorations could be giving pests a free ride into your home. When bringing decorations out of storage, be sure to inspect them closely for signs of pest activity. Pay particular attention to hay bales, pinecones, and decorations made from wood or heavy cardboard. Popular fall blooms such as mums may also allow insects into your home. Pumpkins and gourds also attract nuisance pests who look upon them as a food source.

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These fall maintenance tips when combined with your A-Tex Pest Management regularly scheduled maintenance services will help keep your home free from nuisance pests year round. To learn more about residential pest control, inspections, maintenance and removal, contact the knowledgeable experts at A-Tex Pest Management today.

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