Don’t Let Bed Bugs Travel with You this Summer; How to Pack & Inspect Your Austin, TX Hotel Room for Signs of Bed Bug Pests

Summer is the perfect time to get away with friends or family and enjoy a nice relaxing vacation. A week or so away from the office, annoying relatives or the repetitiveness of everyday life can help you push reset on your happy attitude. While traveling and vacationing are fun ways to spend the summer, they are also both great ways to come into contact with bed bugs. Bed bugs frequent hotels and other vacation stays more than any other pest. Bed bugs can hitch a ride back home with you in your luggage, on your clothing or other belongings that you took with you on your trip. Take the proper steps necessary to ensure that you are not bringing bed bugs back home with you this summer.

Pack Only what You Need on Your Summer Vacation

The more belongings you pack with you on your trip, the more opportunities you are giving bed bugs to latch on and come back home with you. DO not bring your entire wardrobe with you on vacation; bed bugs love to hide inside of clothing, in pockets and other parts of clothes that are folded nicely inside of your luggage. The more you bring with you, the bigger chance you have of bringing bed bugs home with you. So pack only what you need to avoid creating more areas for bed bugs to hide in.

Pack Your Toiletries in Clear Plastic Bags While Preparing for Vacation

You will be able to better protect your toiletries from bed bugs by packing them into a clear, plastic, sealable bag. Any toilet paper, cotton balls, ear swabs and other bathroom essentials can be protected and kept sanitary from bed bugs while you are on vacation. It is also a great idea to bring unused garbage bags to put your worn clothes into, be sure to tie it up tightly and secure it in a separate enclosure of your luggage. This will assist in keeping bed bugs from getting into your worn clothes and catching a ride back to your home.

Take the Time to Thoroughly Inspect Your Hotel Room for Signs of Bed Bugs Before You Take in Your Belongings

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding from the human eye. Due to their flat shape and small size they can hide in the most obscure areas to keep from being seen. When you get to your hotel room, leave your luggage just outside and thoroughly inspect your room for any sign of bed bugs. Turn back the comforter, sheets and mattress pads and look for any sign of bed bug fecal spots, eggs, small blood stains and even bed bug exoskeletons. Search in the seam line of the mattress, between the mattress and box spring, behind hanging pictures and headboards. These are all popular areas where bed bugs hide. If you see any sign of bed bugs during your inspection, contact the concierge immediately and request a different room. Also consider staying at a different location.

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