Do Ticks Latch On Right Away? How Do I Protect Myself from Tick Infested Areas this Summer in Lago Vista, TX?

Summer gives everyone a chance to enjoy Austin, TX’s scenic outdoors and get outside. Summer time is perfect for visits to the park, hiking a local trail or just going on a nice morning stroll. Unfortunately we are not alone during these fun summer activities. There is a pest that is continuing to become a bigger nuisance every year and that pest is the tick. Ticks are out in strong numbers hoping to find a free meal from an animal or human to feast on. There are many diseases that can be spread by ticks in your area including Ehrlichiosis, Southern tick association rash illness (STARI), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia and Lyme Disease. If not quickly treated, these diseases can lead to long term chronic illness.

Do Ticks Latch On Right Away?

Many people who have no experience in dealing with ticks rarely even think about their existence or that they may be at risk of getting too close to ticks. During this time of year, adult ticks will crawl up vegetation to about waist height and patiently wait for the next warm blooded person or animal to walk by. A tick will wait all day if they have to for a hiker, walker or animal to stroll by, giving the tick the perfect opportunity to latch on and begin their journey to their next meal. Once a tick has latched onto your clothing, they will immediately begin searching for a way to get to your skin, sink their jaws into your body and begin sucking out your blood. The worst action you can take is to ignore the fact that ticks are present in the area. The best defense against ticks in the area is a good offense. A-Tex Pest Management is skilled and experienced in dealing with local ticks and will keep your home safe from the many dangers that they pose.

Cover Your Body & Take Other Precautions in Areas that are Tick Infested

One of the smartest steps to take when avoiding ticks is to cover your body properly. If you know you will be in a heavily wooded area, or an area that is known to have ticks nearby, take the time to cover yourself up. Long sleeve shirts, long pants, pants ticked into socks and hats are all great ways to keep ticks on the outside of your clothing. Light colored clothing is also a smart choice to make; the light colored clothing will make it much easier to spot any ticks that have latched onto your clothes during your outing. After you return from your outing, take the appropriate time needed to thoroughly inspect your body for ticks. Ticks enjoy hiding or burrowing themselves into areas like your underarms, behind your knees, behind your ears and between your toes. If you fail to properly check for ticks, you are putting yourself at risk of contracting Lyme disease and other dangerous illnesses.

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If you notice ticks close to your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately. We can handle all your interior and exterior pest control needs this summer including ticks and mosquitoes!

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