Do Striped Bark Scorpions Hibernate in Georgetown, TX? Help for How to Keep Scorpion Pests Away

Being in the middle of fall, lots of locals are feeling relieved as many pests seem to disappear during the cold weather. However, when they disappear you must ask yourself where do these pests go? One of the most notorious pest in Texas is the scorpion. Scorpions often disappear during the winter season, but they are not gone. Most often they are much closer than what many homeowners realize. Homeowners shouldn’t lower their guard. Instead, A-Tex Pest Management will share how this fall season can be one of the most critical times of year.

Striped Bark Scorpions Hibernate in Homes

There are a number of scorpion species roaming throughout Texas. One species that is a common sight inside many of our homes is the striped bark scorpion. This particular species is known to remain active as long as the temperature doesn’t drop too low. Many scorpion species will look for safe places to hide during the winter season as many species of scorpion hibernate. Scorpions, including the striped bark scorpion, will hibernate in clusters, sometimes up to 30 in one spot at a time.

Scorpions Hide in Homes During Cold Weather & Become Active in Summer

As the temperatures begin to drop, scorpions will begin to look for a safe and warm place to hibernate. This is the time of year scorpions will begin invading our homes. They will crawl in dark places such as shoes, in between floorboards, and even make their way into the attic space or in between the walls. All winter long, scorpions have been sleeping inside the home. Often come summer, many homeowners will have a sudden infestation of scorpions. Those are in fact, your awakening winter guests.

How to Prevent Scorpions

It is during the fall season that homeowners must work hard to keep scorpions out of their home. To prevent scorpions from invading your home this fall, there are a few steps you can take combined with the efforts of a pest control service. Starting with the outside, it is recommended that you begin cleaning your landscape. Cut the lawn and trim bushes and shrubs. Overgrowth and yard debris draw scorpions to the yard. The cleaner or better kept the surrounding landscape, the better it helps to reduce a scorpion population. Additionally, avoid having any standing water as scorpions are attracted to standing water. Next, begin inspecting along the outside of the home, especially around windows and doors. Look for gaps that scorpions can use to enter the home. Scorpions are very flat and can squeeze through tight cracks. Make sure windows are shut tightly, and that the framing doesn’t require any repairs. Scorpions will enter a home through ventilation points. Cover these ventilation points with a fine wire meshing. This way there is still plenty of air flow but won’t allow scorpions access through the vents.

Scorpion Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you don’t want scorpions bunking with you this winter season, contact A-Tex Pest Management and schedule our services today. After securing your home, the next step is to seek out a pest control service to apply insecticides along the outside and if desired, along the inside edges of the home. Scorpions require a special insecticide designed specifically to affect scorpions as they are rather resistant to many types of insecticides. In order to properly control scorpions, a professional pest control service is highly recommended. Contact us today!

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