Do Smoky Brown Cockroaches Bite in Wells Branch, TX? What is their Life Cycle & How to Get Rid of Roaches

No one is a stranger to cockroaches, as these gruesome looking critters are found all around the globe. Every species have their own attributes that separates them from others, though they all have similarities. No matter which species, they will likely be carrying diseases, bacteria, and other contaminants that they spread. Cockroaches will also trigger allergies and asthma as well as destroy your home and possessions as they forage for food and nesting materials. In Texas, we have a few common roaches that invade homes and businesses and today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to relate the fundamentals of Smoky Brown Cockroaches. While these and other cockroach species are unlikely to bite, there have been reports of cockroaches feeding on human eyelashes, fingernails and on food residue from around the mouths of infants.

Smoky Brown Cockroach Identification

Scientifically named Periplaneta fuliginous, smoky brown cockroaches are colored a black-mahogany and their average length is approximately 1 ½ inches. Fully developed wings that stretch to the tip of the abdomen that have grown by the time they are adults. Long antennae with white tips show up on the nymphs.

Where Do Smoky Brown Cockroaches Live?

Hanging on top of leaky roofs and around standing water, as well as the ground floor and basements, smoky brown roaches tend to stick to damp places. In sewer openings, beneath stacks of wood, and in exposed garbage cans are also commonplaces of the smoky brown cockroach. With their fully developed wing, they can fly right in an open window or door just as easily as they can squeeze through a hole, crack, or gap in foundation or siding of your home. They are attracted to light and being nocturnal, indoor lights act as a beacon that draws them in. Outdoors, these cockroaches keep moist leaf litter, mulch, tree bark, and wood piles where they can be comfortably moisturized. Living in tree holes and in canopies of palm trees are other places and finding a greenhouse is an exceptional paradise for smoky brown roaches. These nasty little pests will also seek refuge in the damp soil of flowerbeds, gardens, and around block walls.

What Do Smoky Brown Cockroaches Eat?

When these cockroaches are typically out looking for the next meal and water is typically during late dusk or early dawn. As most pests, these cockroaches are opportunistic feeders; their diets can include meats, starches, sweets, fecal matter, and dead insects.

Smoky Brown Cockroach Life Cycle

Averaging 17 capsules, females lay egg capsules which have about 24 eggs in each capsule. It can be between 10 and 12 months, depending on their environment, from the time they hatch to the time they mature into adulthood. They avoid places where they dry out, such as anywhere with a sizable current of air, such an air vent for example. Generally, a dead smoky brown roach indicated it likely died of dehydration.

How to Prevent Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Maintaining the humidity in your home and reducing areas where moisture can develop can keep these roaches out. Additionally, be sure to keep garbage lids secure, food in containers that are air tight, and stay on top of housekeeping chores and avoid clutter.

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