Do Fleas Come Inside in the Winter in Austin, TX? How Do You Get Rid of Flea Infestations?

In the winter while it gets colder, you don’t see as many bugs. But when it comes to fleas, they will figure out a way to survive the winter and still be annoying to you and your pets. Why and how does this happen? The fleas seem to always be around. How can you prevent fleas from being on your pets and around your home? A-Tex Pest Management delves into this further below.

Home is the Perfect Temperature for Fleas

Fleas can live up to five days in temperatures that are as low as the mid-30s. During this time fleas can find their way into your home. They thrive in your home because your home has a perfect temperature between 65 to 80°. That temperature is perfect for flea larvae to survive. Your home is a perfect place for eggs to live year-round in places, such as crawlspaces, porches, and the garage.

Can a Flea Infestation Start from One Flea?

It only takes one flea to hop on an animal from outside and come inside your home. That one flea can start an entire infestation. This is because the pupae will remain in their cocoons until the environment is the perfect temperature for them to hatch. So once they come from the cold outside into the warmth and find that perfect temperature of your home, then they will hatch. One pupa can remain dormant for more than a year until it finds the right conditions to hatch.

Can Humans Get Any Diseases from Fleas?

We all know that fleas are annoying, but they can also pose serious health risks for your pets and you. Fleas can bite humans, but they do prefer animals because they have fur. If your pet is allergic to fleas then their scratching can irritate and get infected. They could also develop anemia which can cause animals to have blood loss if there is a flea infestation on your pet.

Prevent Flea Infestations Early

Fleas can reproduce very fast. It is easier to prevent them than to try to stop an infestation. Fleas can infest your home and your backyard before you even realize it is happening. If you have fleas, it could start to also cause tapeworms. You want to treat fleas year-round not just during the summer.

Treat Pets for Fleas

If you have pets, then your home has an increased risk of a flea infestation. Fleas are more attracted to pets that aren’t as healthy or have an undeveloped immune system. This would include puppies, kittens, and older animals. Grooming your pet is a great way to help remove fleas and destroy the eggs. It may be a tedious job, but it will help keep your pets flea-free and from a flea infestation. You can also use prescription and non-prescription treatments and make sure you treat it year-round.

Treat Home for Flea Infestations

To help protect your home from fleas you can buy sprays and traps to get rid of them. But one of the best ways and most effective ways to get rid of fleas is to clean your home. Vacuum and clean the furniture that your animal is around or sleeps on, such as a sofa, beds, and dog beds. This can help remove the eggs and the fleas from your home.

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Having fleas on your pets and in your home can make your pets very uncomfortable and it’s not healthy. If you have fleas in your home or on your pets, then you need to call a pest control company like A-Tex Pest Management. Even if it is winter, those fleas can still get in your home. The winter is a great time to call A-Tex Pest Management to .

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