Cool Star Wars Insect Creatures & Entomology (Naming of Pests); Chewbacca Bettle, Tetramorium Jedi Ant, Vader & Yoda Wasps & More!

The fourth of May is also known as Star Wars day to most people. Whether you are a Star Wars lover or not, you have most likely heard this. It is a play on words that goes right along perfectly with ‘may the “force” be with you’. ‘May the “fourth” be with you. Star Wars is big business and has raked in millions of dollars with its movies, memorabilia, toys and much more. It is such an American icon that the names of some of the characters have been used when naming new species of pests. It is interesting to note the amount of references used from the movie in the naming of these pests.

A-Tex Pest Management list of some pests that have been given a star wars themed name & how you can identify them.

Chewbacca Beetle: There has been a recent discovery of a beetle that has been classified as a weevil and has taken on the name of the Chewbacca Beetle. The reason behind the name was due to the fact that is has hairy legs such like the hairy character it is named after. The discovery was made in the island of New Guinea and has people excited. Not because of a new critter but the name has sparked some fun responses and interest. That is just one in many insects and other pests that have a Star Wars inspired name.
Tetramorium Jedi: If you prefer the Jedi’s in the movies then this ant is for you. This tiny ant is found in Madagascar and is part of a group of species that are similar. This particular ant was give the name from the guardians of peace from the hit movies Star Wars.
Vader, Yoda & Chewbacca Wasps: In 1983 a scientist that was coined in the discovery of several types of wasps was excited to name them after some of his favorite characters that were a big part of the Star Wars Movies. The scientist’s names were Arnold Menke and Charles Vincent and they brought quite a bit of attention to these tiny little wasps that were virtually unknown. This rare wasp will forever be a part of history because of the fun and Star Wars loving scientist.

These are some of the fun names that were given based on Star Wars characters. There are many more interesting names that were given to other pests. If you want to celebrate Star Wars Day in fashion, check out some of these others!

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