Cockroach FAQ in Cedar Park, TX; Do Cockroaches Cause Health Problems & More

Cockroaches are notoriously known throughout the United States. Their filthy habits, gruesome appearance, and the negative health concerns are generally known. Seeing their scurried and fast paced movement whenever the lights flicker on can startle nearly anyone. Watching them emerge from drains is even something from a horror movie, in fact they have even made horror movies where the cockroach has inherited some special ability to wreak even more terror on the general public; like that’s necessary. But there are some basic questions that many folks want answers to. With that in mind, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share our compilation of frequently asked questions concerning the cockroach for your convenience.

Cockroach Pest FAQ

Q: How do cockroaches get into my home or business?
A: Cockroaches need very little space to squeeze their bodies through. Cracks and holes that seem so minuscule are an open invitation to them. Roaches will also come into your building through plumbing pipes, vents, sewers, as well as in boxes or grocery bags that they are inhabiting. Once they are inside, you can be overwhelmed with a cockroach infestation very quickly.
Q: What are the basics of cockroaches?
A: Shying away from most light sources, roaches are nocturnal insects. Roaches can easily survive without food for nearly a month, but can only live without water for up to a week. A typical lifespan is only approximately one year. They are colored in a variety of waves, depending on their species, that range from light tan, to shades of browns, reds, oranges, and black.
Q: Where do roaches prefer to live?
A: Many folks are under the impression that cockroaches will only infest filthy and unkempt homes. Where they are lurking in poorly maintained buildings, roaches can infest even the most pristine home because cockroaches are usually looking for a convenient water and food source to call home. Most cockroaches have a sweet tooth and enjoy chowing down on sugar, grease, and other food remnants, they are found anywhere in a home, cupboards, drains, nooks and crannies.
Q: Do roaches carry diseases or cause health problems?
A: Yes! Among the germs and bacteria that are easily transferred from their body onto the surfaces they traverse, the diseases known to be spread from cockroaches include salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis, hepatitis virus, and even typhoid fever are some of the more serious diseases carried by cockroaches. Cockroaches can also carry allergen contagions, making allergy sufferers more prone to allergy symptoms and induce asthma attacks.
Q: What are favorable living spaces for cockroaches?
A: As previously mentioned, cockroaches are looking for a convenient water and food sources. Where they are nocturnal, they prefer dark places and moist conditions. Some species of cockroaches need warmer climates as well.
Q: How can I prevent cockroaches?
A: Below is a simple list of tips you do to minimize cockroach intrusions:
– Keep your home clean and routinely clean out places where food is stored to reduce crumbs and spills that might get neglected.
– Store all food in air tight containers and always put the food back or in the fridge after meal time.
– Always sanitize the surface areas where food is prepared and served after every meal or snack.
– Repair any leaky pipes and faucets, and avoid leaving any standing water anywhere.
– Keep trash bins covered and periodically wash out the garbage cans.
– Set up maintenance plans with a professional pest control technician.

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