Christmas Decorations that Attract Beetles, Aphids, Spiders, Cockroaches & Other Pests in Manor, TX

It is the time of year when we decorate our homes for this joyous season. As the holiday approaches, we decorate our home to bring a festive feeling into our home and hearts. Yet there are some problems when we do so. Some of our staple holiday decorations attract many pests and along with the decorations, they come into our homes as well. A-Tex Pest Management will share a few of the top holiday decorations that attract pests and what you can do to keep them out.

Christmas Tree Insects

Some choose to have a live Christmas tree in their homes. They may love the scent of the freshly cut pine and the old school traditions; however they are also a bug magnet. Most of the time we bring pests right into are home without even realizing it. Many pests, like beetles, aphids, and spiders, call many evergreens home and hitchhike their way into our home when we bring the tree inside. Now we are not saying ditch a real tree, we are just saying let’s take the proper precautions. First when you’re picking out a tree, make sure it not only looks good but also make sure it doesn’t have bugs living in it. When you get home, wash the tree down with a garden hose before you bring it inside. If the tree been inside awhile and you notice a bug or two, quickly suck them up with a vacuum.

Indoor Live Floral Plant Décor

Often our home becomes adorned with mistletoe, poinsettias, and an evergreen pine tree and wreathes. Many of these plants may already harbor some pests. Again we often bring insects into our home without realizing it. Do a thorough inspection of the plants and wash them off before you bring them in, much the same as a Christmas tree but just on a smaller scale.

Gingerbread House Attracts Pests

Gingerbread houses are a common holiday décor that some make each year for a family activity. We also don’t have the heart to eat it since it took so much time and patience to make. Unfortunately there are many pests, like cockroaches, rodents, and ants, that don’t share your view. These pests also have a major sweet tooth. Your gingerbread masterpiece will draw in many pests, especially if you leave it out. We recommend you put the gingerbread house in the fridge overnight, when most of these pests will come out to feed. In so doing, you can prevent a major banquet at your house during the night without you knowing.

Bugs that Live in Pine Cones & Garlands

Whether you bought pine cones or collected them, you might find a surprise inside them. Same with garland, rather it be fake or real pine, they all too often attract pests that will come inside your home. Make sure you check out your garland before you hang it in your home. You can also oven cook the pine cones without any damage and kill any unseen insect. Bake the pinecones for 30 to 45 minutes on 250 degrees.

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There are many pests that come into our homes without us even realizing it and they do it every year. If you take the proper precautions you can avoid bringing these pests into your home. It helps to keep up on your pest control program even in the wintertime; for many pests are still active and they want inside your cozy home for the winter. For all your pest control needs, contact A-Tex Pest Management.

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