Can Carpenter, Crazy & Little Black Ants Damage Your Home in Round Rock, TX? How to Get Rid of Ant Pests

Ever wake up in the morning to ants crawling all over your kitchen countertops and invading your daughter’s jelly bean dispenser? We all agree that having an ant problem in your home can really put a damper on life. Where it’s nothing worth throwing in the towel over or setting the house on fire, they are definitely a nuisance, and are better eradicated with the pros from A-Tex Pest Management. With our experienced experts, top of the line equipment, and superior chemicals, safe for children or pets, ants will be terminated.

What Do Carpenter Ants Do to Your House?

Carpenter ants are found all over the U.S. including Austin, TX. They are brutish in size, compared to other ant species. They are generally black, but can be found in reddish or yellowish hues as well. The workers come equipped with huge mandibles. They prefer moist, decaying wood to call home, and as a result they are found invading our homes, or anywhere in the outdoors where deteriorating, damp wood can be found. Their nests are derived from the wood they find, and will drive paths into the wood for easier movement within their nests. They do not eat the wood, but rather other insects, and whatever crumbs they can find, especially sweets. The skillful technicians at Nassau County Pest Control can easily locate their nesting ground, and eliminate them. Call us today if they are discovered on the premises.

What are Crazy Ants Attracted To?

Crazy ants are named after their frantic movements and extremely erratic behaviors. They are very invasive, and adults range in color from dark brown to black. Their legs are long, giving them more distinction. They enjoy feasting on other insects, meats, sweets, grease and other liquids. Crazy ants cannot handle cold temperatures, so when the weather drops, they seek warmer refuge, like your home for example. Their nests are a little more involved to locate since they will travel a great distance in search of food. Calling the pro from A-Tex Pest Management is the only way to go when dealing with these crazy ants.

Why are Tiny Black Ants in My House

Little black ants are worth mentioning, they range from dark brown, to black, to dark black, and are very tiny, such as their name. Little black ants come equipped with a stinger, but do to their size, it is ineffective against most threats they come in contact with. Their diets consists of other insects, sweets, honeydew, vegetables, greasy, or oily foods, and corn meals and plants. They are more commonly found forging the pavement and foundation walls. They will hide under carpet and walls and within wood. These guys will be found throughout your cabinets, counter space, bathrooms or kitchens in search of food.

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