Busting Wasp Myths in Cedar Park, TX; Is there a Difference Between Beehive & Nests & More

There is no doubt that wasps are one of the most feared insects out there; and for good reason. These aggressive, stinging pests pack a mean punch and will hunt you down if they feel you are threatening them in any way. However, there are several myths about wasps out there that are simply untrue. A-Tex Pest Management is here to bust these myths out of the water.

Are Wasps are More Dangerous than Bees?

Bees and wasps pose the same risk to humans. They both sting and both of their stings hurt. There are simple differences between the two that don’t make one more dangerous than the other, but rather, just different. Bees are more docile than wasps, generally. Wasps have a more aggressive nature and that is why people are stung by wasps more than they are stung by bees. If you threaten a bee, you will get stung; just like a wasp.

Do Wasp Stings Stick In Your Skin?

Many times, when someone is stung by a wasp, they swat at it. When you swat at a wasp, there is a chance that you actually hit it and the stinger is then stuck in your skin. It is also true, that wasps don’t have a barbed stinger like bees but rather have the ability to sting over and over again. When you are stung by a wasp, check the sting site to ensure the stinger isn’t stuck in your skin. It will need to be removed before you can start to feel any relief from the sting.

Difference Between Beehive & Wasp Nest

Wasps make their nests out of wood pulp. This creates a papery substance that is very thin and fragile. They chew up the soft outer layer of decaying wood and as it is mixed with their saliva, it turns into a pulp. Beehives are made up of broad cells of wax.

Do Wasps Vacate or Reuse Old Nests?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to worry about wasps ever coming back to an old nest? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There are many times that wasps will start to use an old nest out of simple convenience. If you find an old nest, you are better off destroying it.

Is Vinegar is the Best Cure for a Wasp Sting?

There are several remedies that supposedly cure the pain caused by a wasp sting. While some of them may work somewhat, there is no better way to find relief than a venom extractor. You can find them at your local drugstore and they are lifesavers.

Do Wasps Only Eat Sweet Things?

Everyone has had a wasp climb into their opened can of soda sitting on the patio table, and it is true that wasps like sweet things. However, their diet consists of mainly eating protein in the form of other insects.

Wasp & Other Stinging Insect Inspections, Control & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Wasps are dangerous and should never be messed with when you find a nest on your property. The pest control professionals at A-Tex Pest Management have the training and resources to safely get rid of any wasps found in your yard. Call us today!

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