Busting Termite Myths in Austin, TX; Termites are Not Ants, DIY Treatment is a Bad Idea & More

Termite invasions can be scary for homeowners to even think about. Part of the reason that termites seem so frightening is partly because they cause billions of damage in the United States each. The other reason that they seem so scary is that we frequently have been told things about termites that just are not true. A-Tex Pest Management wants to help debunk some of the most common termite myths for you today.

Busting Myths with Termite Facts & Information

Myth #1: Termites can eat through concrete?
Termites can eat through lots of different things but they are not strong enough to eat through concrete. The reason that people think that termites can eat through concrete is that because they can get through the cracks in your concrete. When you look at the concrete you probably do not even see the cracks in your concrete but a professional inspection will detect small cracks in your concrete.
Myth #2: My house is brick and on a concrete foundation. I am safe from termites?
Termites cannot eat through your brick or concrete but there are still plenty of things that they can find to eat in your home. As mentioned above they come through the cracks in your concrete. They will also find the cracks in your brick. Many brick homes have wood frames as well. Every home has things inside of the home that termites can feed on.
Myth #3: Termites are part of the ant family?
Many people believe termites are part of the ant family but this is not true. They are more closely related to cockroaches than ants. If you treat termites like you would treat an ant infestation your problem will not go away.
Myth #4: I will notice a termite infestation right away?
Termite infestations are extremely hard to detect. Termites move silently so by the time you actually spot any signs of them there is probably already lots of damage. Once you detect them it is hard to tell where they have settled in your home. Using a professional pest control company like A-Tex Pest Management can help you find the termites in your home and get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible.
Myth #5: Termites serve absolutely no purpose except to destroy things?
People have a hard time believing that this one is a myth. It does seem hard to believe that something that can cause so much damage to your home serves any great purpose in the world. Termites do actually serve a purpose in nature though. Termites help break down fallen trees and dead wood and recycle them into nutrient-rich soil that can help other plants to grow.
Myth #6: If there is lots of mulch or decaying wood in my neighborhood termites will not infest my home?
Mulch and decaying wood are easier to chew through than the timber that is in your home but that does not mean that your home is safe just because an easier food source is available. Termites are continually looking for new sources of food for their colony.
Myth #7: Treating for termites on your own is a good option?
Many people try to save themselves some money and treat their termite infestation on their own. While most projects that you are willing to try and tackle yourself can go well with enough preparation termite treatment on your own is not a great idea no matter how prepared you think you are. You will need professional help to get rid of the termites in your home.

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