Are Sun Spiders Dangerous? Wind Scorpion AKA Camel or Sun Spider Identification & Control in Wells Branch, TX

Sun spiders are a large pest that can occasionally be found wandering into homes throughout Greater Austin, Texas. Sun spiders are most often found in homes along the outskirts of the city and those near the mountain basin. Sun spiders can be a frightening pest to find inside a home or even in the yard as they can get very large. For those unfamiliar or want to know more about sun spiders, A-Tex Pest Management will share more about these pests and how to keep them out of your home and yard.

Are Sun Spiders an Arachnid?

Sun spiders are an interesting pest. Even though they are called sun spiders or wind scorpions, they are not really spiders nor are they part of the scorpion family. Sun spiders are part of the Solifugae family and are classified as a different type of arachnid. The distinction of the sun spider comes from their unique body structure. True sun spiders have eight legs, but they do not conform to the body like spiders do. Sun spiders look like something from a SI-FI creation. They have only two eyes that are closely set together in the center of the head. The eyes sit on top of the Sun spider’s massive jaws that open up into four segments. Sun spiders can grow up to three inches long and are covered with short hairs. They tend to be tan, yellow, or cream in color.

Sun Spider Bite; Poisonous or Venomous or Neither?

Luckily, Sun spiders are harmless to humans. They don’t have any venom. Instead, they rely on their strong jaws to capture prey. However, since their jaws are very powerful, their bite can be very painful. Sun spiders will bite if provoked. Sun spiders are more common throughout Arizona. Nevertheless, they are found throughout various desert climates, including Nevada. Sun spiders will seek out dark places during the day as they greatly dislike the sunlight. They will wander indoors or into yards seeking shelter from the light. Sun spiders have also been seen in grassland and will hide in abandoned burrows.

How to Get Rid of Camel Spiders

To control sun spiders around the yard and prevent them from invading your home, there are a few steps the homeowner can take.
Step 1. Pest Control Maintenance: Maintaining the home is essential in keeping sun spiders out. This will include caulking small holes on the outside of the home. Check around doors and windows as well for loose caulking. Make sure to repair or replace window screens to keep sun spiders and other pests out of your home. The yard should also be maintained. Lawns need to be kept trimmed and debris cleared away.
Step 2. Cleanliness: Sun spiders love to hide underneath debris and clutter around the yard and inside the home. To help reduce sun spiders in your yard and inside your home, keep the area clean. Remove all trash and unwanted debris around the yard to help reduce sun spiders. The cleaner the inside of the home is the harder it is for sun spiders to go undetected. Essentially, the cleaner the home and yard, the less likely sun spiders will be to invade your home.
Step 3. Pest Control: To help keep out all pests, including sun spiders, the homeowner should seek out professional pest control services. A professional pest control can apply commercial pesticides around the home and yard which will kill pests on contact.

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