Are Silverfish Harmful? What Causes Infestations in Your Austin, TX Kitchen, Bathroom & Home?

If you are concerned about pests in your home you ought to know what you are dealing with. Knowing what type of pests are common each season and which ones will try to get in your house is a great place to start. You also should know something about the pests so that you can determine the severity of an infestation and what that particular pest can do to your home and health. There are some pests that are considered an occasional pest but they are not to be taken lightly. One of those pests happens to be called a silverfish. You may have seen one of these running across the floor in your bathroom or other areas of your house. They are a pest that needs to be treated and removed from your home.

A-Tex Pest Management Explains Where Silverfish Come from & Why they are Bad to Have in Your Home

What is a Silverfish: The name of a pest does not always mean what it describes. In fact the silverfish is not a fish at all but an insect. Silverfish did get their name from some of the characteristics that they have. They are a silver color that makes them seem like fish scales. They also move in a way that make them look just like a fish swimming through the water. A silverfish will reach about one inch in length and have a thin body. Three antennae that reach out the back of them help them to navigate while the two antennae out of the front work in the same manner. They are a quick moving pest and will take off if they see you coming. They can’t fly or climb up a vertical surface which means they try to find a flat surface to run across.
What Do Silverfish Eat?: Silverfish are a pest that is not only after the food that is in your kitchen but they are after glue also. You may overlook what they are after until there is so much damage that you need to start replacing items. Silverfish have been known to eat the glue that holds books together as well as glue that is used in fabrics and curtains. The glue is part of their diet as well as eating and chewing through the pages of your book as well.
Moisture Attracts Silverfish: One thing a silverfish is good for is warning you that there could be excess moisture in your home. Silverfish are looking for a place to stay like many pests but they won’t just take any place. They are looking for a place that has enough moisture for them to survive. If you starting to see silverfish around your home you want to make sure you look for moisture that might be building up. They are a great warning sign that you have a potential leak somewhere. If you are seeing them outside of your bathroom floor you want to have it checked.

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