Are Scorpions Active During the Winter in Bee Cave, TX? Do They Live Alone or in Groups?

Seeing a scorpion can be very startling, and a little scary if you are stung, but they are pretty normal to see during the summer. One of the best things about winter is that you don’t see as many bugs, especially scorpions in your yard or your home. What happens to scorpions during the winter? A-Tex Pest Management explores this further below.

Scorpions Hibernate Outside

The reason you do not see scorpions in the wintertime is not because they have all died or left to find warmer weather. Scorpions along with other pests, will try to find a temperature-controlled area to hibernate for the winter. They want to find a warm spot outside. These warm spots could be under rocks, foliage, bushes, wood piles, grass shavings, or even deep in mud. If you have scorpions near your house, they may find cracks in your exterior foundation, in your fences, or any yard d├ęcor.

Scorpions Hide Inside

Scorpions want to find the warmest place they can hide during the winter. Often this is your home. They will find any gaps, loose weatherstripping, vents, or siding in your home and sneak through them to stay warm for their hibernation. You will not notice the scorpions until the weather starts to get warmer and they come out of hiding in your home. Scorpions will hide by your baseboards, cabinets, floors, furniture, or even in your shoes until the weather starts to warm up.

Do Scorpions Live Alone or in Groups

Most of the time scorpions like to live alone. When it comes to hibernation they try to stay warm by huddling together. Scorpions can be very dangerous by themselves, having them huddled together for the winter can make them even more dangerous if you happen to come across them. Once it starts to warm up, the scorpions will separate and be alone again. They will leave their hiding spots and head back outside to have access to your yard.

How Do I Keep Scorpions Out My House?

The first thing you can do to help stop scorpions from hibernating inside your home is to repair any cracks or crevices that you find in your exterior foundation. Many of these can be done by yourself, but you can always hire a professional to come and make sure that things are done correctly. Sometimes you need to re-plaster the stucco to cover up any cracks and gaps. Also, check your doors or loose-fitted windows because scorpions can crawl through those. Cleaning your yard bushes, leaves, branches and logs can help eliminate scorpions from coming inside your home and into your yard.

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Coming across the scorpion in your home can be very frightening. Coming across multiple scorpions huddled together can be even more terrifying. It is best to eliminate scorpions and prevent them from coming into your home before winter even comes. If you are noticing a lot of scorpions in the summer and want to get rid of them before winter starts, then give A-Tex Pest Management a call and we can come and help eliminate scorpions and other pests around and in your home.

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