Are Crazy Ants Harmful? How Do I Get Rid of a Crazy Ant Infestation in Hudson Bend, TX?

Crazy ants are an invasive species that appeared in Texas in 2002. Instead of traveling in straight lines, crazy ants move in erratic patterns, hence the name crazy ants. Crazy ants multiply at an alarming rate and can quickly overtake your property. Unlike many other insect species, Crazy ants do not build their nests; instead, they can be found in outdoor debris, trees, and even inside your home. Control can be difficult for homeowners to manage independently because the ants can pack up and move with a moment’s notice, only to take up residence elsewhere on one’s property. To eradicate Crazy ants, you will need professional intervention from the experts at A-Tex Pest Management.

How Do You Identify a Crazy Ant?

The most common species of crazy ant in Texas is the tawny crazy ant, also known as the raspberry crazy ant. Tawny crazy ants are approximately 2.6 to 3mm long, golden-brown to reddish-brown, with a smooth body surface covered with dense hairs. Crazy ants are hardy and can survive in dry and moist environments, but they do not like the cold and will quickly invade your home to escape the cold weather. They can live in trash piles, soil, under rocks, plants, shrubs, and just about any nooks and crannies they find. Large colonies often band together, creating a supercolony stretching for miles. Crazy ants feed on other insect species, and due to their fast reproductive rate, they threaten important native insect species. Crazy ants eat nectar, seeds, fruit, plants, grease, and other household waste.

What Damage Do Crazy Ants Do?

Although crazy ants are not dangerous to humans, due to their large numbers, they can cause significant damage inside your home. Crazy ants invade air conditioning units, vehicles, appliances, electronics, and electrical outlets, foraging for food. When the ants get shocked, they release a pheromone, alerting the colony they need help. The cycle results in more ants arriving, suffering the same consequence until tens of thousands of ants flood the area, and the appliance eventually shorts out with large numbers of dead ants inside. According to a recent report published by Texas A&M University, crazy ants are responsible for $146.5 million of property damage a year.

How Do I Get Rid of Crazy Ants Permanently?

The most effective way to avoid crazy ants from taking over your property is with a comprehensive A-Tex Pest Management pest control inspection. Other things you can do include Cleaning up spills, immediately putting away leftover food, and avoiding leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Seal up any cracks around the exterior of your home, apply caulk around windows and doors, and arrange to have the foundation of your home inspected for any potential points of entry. Remove dead trees and leaves and keep your landscaping neat and tidy to reduce places for crazy ants to reside. Ensure your trash can has a tight-fitting lid, and keep flower pots off the ground with plant stands. Check any new plants, bagged mulch, and potting soil for signs of ants before adding it to your landscape.

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If you think you have crazy ants in or around your home, contact the experts at A-Tex Pest Management to schedule an appointment for proper identification and professional pest control services to rid your home of pesky ant species like tawny crazy ants and prevent them from returning.

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