Are Carpenter Ants Worse than Termites in Lost Creek, TX? Identification, Behavior, Damage & More

Homeowners often confuse carpenter ants and termites when they are found in their home. This is because their appearance looks similar and the damage left behind can look similar as well. It is important to note that these two insects are quite different though. They don’t only look different, but the way they behave is extremely different. A-Tex Pest Management is here to point out how carpenter ants and termites are different from one another.

Carpenter Ant & Termite Identification

It is important you understand which pest you are dealing with in the first place, before you can even start to work to control them. While there are similarities between these two, there are also differences that are worth noting.
– Insect Wings: Ants have two pairs of wings that are different in size while termite wings are the same size.
– Insect Body: Termites have a body that is straight while ants have a pinched waist.
– Insect Antennae: Ants have an elbowed antennae while termites antennae are straight.
– Insect Color: Termites are usually black or dark brown while ants can be brown, black and red.

Carpenter Ants Live in Structures

There is a big difference between carpenter ants and termites in that termites don’t actually live inside structures. They build their nests underground and create small, delicate mud tubes on the foundation of your home to travel between their food source (your home) and their nest underground. Carpenter ants will build their nests in the structure itself. They hollow out wood to create galleries for the carpenter ants to travel.

Termites Eat Wood

One main different between carpenter ants and termites is the fact that termites actually eat wood. They cause significant damage to a structure because they are constantly eating away at the wood to survive. Carpenter ants don’t rely on wood to survive. This is only where they build their nests. They will leave their nests in search of food. This is why your home makes a good place for them to live. They have wood to build their nests in and will be able to eat much of the same food you do which means they have a constant food supply.

Do Carpenter Ants or Termites Cause More Damage?

There is a long standing debate over which pest will cause more damage to a home when they infest your house, carpenter ants or termites? While carpenter ants cause damage to your home as they build nests, termites will cause much more damage as they eat away at your home. They work quickly and will leave your home in shambles if they aren’t taken care of quickly.

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