Are Black Widow Spiders Harmful in Austin, TX? What Happens if You Get Bitten By a Spider?

Black widow spiders can be identified by the red hourglass shape on the abdomen of their shiny black body. Not all black widows have this marking, but the shiny body warns potential predators of their toxicity. The venom of a female black widow spider is three times more toxic than a male black widow because she has a venom sack that is much larger. Females are 1.5 inches long with a diameter of ¼ inch and almost double the size of a male. You will find them hanging upside down near the center of their irregular, sticky and tangled silk web. Their silk is stronger than most other spiders. She will stay hidden in her web and rush out if her web has been disturbed. Black widow spiders are comb-footed spiders, which means they have bristles on their hind legs. They will use these to cover their prey after it has been trapped Prey is injected with venom to liquefy it and then suck it up. When temperatures get colder it can force them inside our homes.

What Happens if You Get Bitten By a Black Widow?

When a black widow bites you they may not inject any venom, but if they do inject venom it will cause localized pain. If a lot of venom is injected it can lead to latrodectism. This is marked pain with muscle rigidity, vomiting and sweating that can last for 3 to 5 days. The bite of a black widow is fifteen times stronger than that of a rattlesnake. Even with this information instilling much fear about getting bitten by a black widow, most people won’t suffer any serious damage unless they are young children or the elderly. It best to get medical care if you’ve been bitten by a black widow spider. Their reputation makes them scary but it’s good to know that they aren’t aggressive and will only attack when they feel threatened, like when they get pinched or squeezed. Almost any time a human is bitten it because the spider has tried to defend itself.

How Do You Control Black Widow Spiders?

You can keep black widow spiders away by reducing the amount of clutter in basements and garages. This is the best way to reduce hiding spots. If you notice webs, be very careful around them. If items have been stored for a long time, it’s a good idea to wear gloves when you’re moving them and shake shoes out before you put them on. Outside your home, store firewood away from your house and up off the ground.

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Once black widow spiders are in your home they are hard to control because they have fantastic hiding skills. The places they like to hide are those you don’t pay a lot of attention to. If you have a feeling you’re dealing with black widow spiders, call for professional help right away. This is the safest way to deal with them. The most effective way to control them is with a combination of chemical and non-chemical measures. Contact A-Tex Pest Management to deal with any spider problems in your home.

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