Are Bed Bugs a Serious Problem in Jonestown, TX? How Do I Know if I have a Bed Bug Infestation?

The thought of slipping into your bed after a long hard day of work will put a smile on almost anyone. But the thought of a blood sucking bed bug snuggling up beside you isn’t so comforting. The bed bug is a notorious species that has adapted to living entirely with humans. Within the last couple of decades the bed bug has had a tremendous resurgence. Bed bugs can be accidentally carried on furniture, luggage and other materials so problems with bed bugs tend to be most severe in apartments, motels and other locations that accommodate a high volume of people. A-Tex Pest Management delves into why bed bugs are such a problem.

How Do I Know if I have Bed Bugs?

The most obvious sign of bed bugs is when you wake up with itchy areas on your exposed skin such as arms and legs that you didn’t have when you fell asleep, you may have bed bugs. Other signs that you have bed bugs include blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases, dark or rusty spots of bed bug excrement on your mattress and bedding, bed bug egg shells or shed skins in areas where bed bugs hide and/or an offensive, musty odor.

How Do You Know if Bites are from Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs usually feed in the middle of the night while people are sleeping and the bite is painless. The idea of a blood sucking bed bug taking a bite out of you while you’re enjoying what you think is a good night’s sleep, will quickly turn your dreams into bed bug nightmares. Bed bugs often feed for less than ten minutes before the insect is satisfied and returns to a hiding place to digest the meal. Bed bugs are disgusting. A line of bites may appear where several bed bugs have fed along the edge of a sheet or clothing lying next to the skin.

How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home?

There are a variety of bed bug solutions to choose from when deciding how to tackle your insect infestation. High temperature treatment has received considerable attention as the primary non-chemical means of killing bed bugs. Specialized equipment has been developed that can force high temperature, dry steam heat into areas where bed bugs are present. The use of a sealed vacuum during bed bug treatments is useful. These vacuums will help extract bed bugs that are hiding in deep protected crevices. Bed bugs are infamous for finding hiding places right under your nose, they can go unseen in the day time and will gladly feast on you while you are fast asleep.

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If you suspect that bed bugs are present in your home, the best thing you can do is call a professional like A-Tex Pest Management to eliminate bed bugs from your living space. A trained technician is experienced in detecting, eradicating and controlling bed bug infestations. Contact us today!

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