Are Bats Helpful or Harmful? Who to Call for Bat Wildlife Exclusion & Removal in Taylor, TX

There are plenty of wildlife pests that are known throughout Greater Austin, Texas. Some of these little critters are nothing but a mere nuisance, where others can reign destruction and carry diseases. Having these pests in your home, business, or even on the grounds can be detrimental to structures or health. Bats are one of many wildlife pests that can make their way into your home. Where they can inflict damage and impact your health, they can also be beneficial in a few ways. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to shine the light on bats, and our method of removing them.

Are Bats Helpful or Harmful?

The Little Brown Myotis is one of the most common species of bat colonizing in Texas. These bats in particular are fond of squatting in the attics of homes and they have a tendency to form very large groups of maternal colonies. As mentioned, bats can be considered beneficial as they eat a lot of insects and cut down on the population. The downside is their roosting habits inside a building that can be detrimental. Their droppings, or guano, is a mess and is riddled with toxins that cause lung diseases in humans. Bats have become a common problem as they prefer to invade people’s homes.

Sealing House from Bats

Seeing evidence of their bat guano along your roof can give you an indication as to how they are getting into your home. One you have located the source you can make the proper adjustments to repair and seal their entry point. If you find they have roosted in your home or business, ensuring you have professional experts clean and sanitize the guano is important to ensure the health of those in the vicinity.

What Happens if a Bat Bites You?

Not only can a bat’s feces be a health concern, but some bats can be a carrier for rabies, which can transmit to people. If you have a bat problem, it is better to stay safe and avoid performing your own removal. Experts are trained to remove bats from buildings without incident.

Bat Wildlife Pest Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

With A-Tex Pest Management performing bat removal services, our technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable as to how to effectively remove bats without harm to people, themselves, or the bats with our exclusion and removal services. As mentioned before, though bats can spread disease and ailments as well as cause property damage, they are beneficial to the eco-system. Exclusion encourages them to leave your home or business, but still permits them to be back out in nature where they can maintain the insect population. If you have bats that have gained access to your attic space, chimney, or in your living space, contact A-Tex Pest Management and let our experts get the bats out quickly, efficiently, safely, and without harming the bats. Call A-Tex Pest Management today to schedule your bet exclusion service today!

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