Are Asian Lady Beetles Harmful in Cedar Park, TX? How to Get Rid of an Infestation & More

The first report of a ladybug infesting a home during the fall season happened in the 1990s. This seems odd and out of place. After studying the behavior it was discovered that is was only one species of ladybug infesting homes. The Hamronia Axyridis, or better known as the Asian Lady Beetle or Asian Ladybug. The Asian Ladybug is a stranger to America and only arrived in the early 1980s. They became a new Autumn Invader. A-Tex Pest Management will share more about the Asian Ladybug and how you can prevent having them as a winter season house guest.

Overwintering Pests

The Ladybug species is considered beneficial as they feed on aphids and other plant killing pests. However, the Asian Ladybug has the unfamiliar survival strategy of “overwintering.” They will spend the cold winter season hiding in insulated places. Sometimes they can be found in mass under the bark of a tree or they will invade homes, garages, or sheds. They do not carry any known diseases, bite or harm humans in any way. Still, their large numbers can emit noxious odors and they even leave behind a yellow stain before dying. `Many wonder how the Asian Ladybug first arrived in America. The answer is they were brought here and were first intentionally distributed in Louisiana as apart of an agricultural pest control program. Instead of using insecticides, researchers decided to release Asian Ladybugs. Due to their success, they were then distributed throughout other states.

Asian Ladybug Infestations

Once released the Asian Ladybug has thrived and spread throughout America ever since. Asian Ladybugs will begin to invade homes in early fall. They will gather and can be seen on the sides of homes congregating in groups on the sunny or warm side of homes during the afternoon. As the temperatures begin to drop down into the 60’s the Asian Ladybug will search for warm places, which in most cases is your home. They can often be found in attic spaces or even fly directly into your home and infest walls and ceilings. Once they make it inside your home they will crawl into cracks in hopes to hide out the winter season. Asian Ladybugs will invade homes and other structures in September and can infest a home by October. It is important to begin preventing and controlling Asian Ladybugs before fall. In other words, now is the time to Asian Ladybug proof your home.

Home Sealing from Pests

The first step is sealing your home. Sealing your home is no simple task. You will first need to do a thorough inspection of your home. Asian Ladybugs are very small (about ¼ inch) and can crawl through cracks. Look for cracks around the home’s foundation, siding, window frames and door frames. Use a silicone glue to seal the cracks. Window screens and windows need to be fit and shut tightly. Cover attic vents and dryer vents with a fine metal screen. Avoid having your exterior lights on as Asian Ladybugs are drawn to light and illuminating sources. Lastly, contact a professional pest control service to use pesticide around the border of your home to help reduce Asian Ladybug invasions.

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It is important to prepare before fall to prevent an Asian Ladybug invasion. If you need help protecting your home from Asian Ladybugs or other pests, contact A-Tex Pest Management today for all of your pest control needs.

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