Ant Infestation in your House? Signs of Ant Nests & Best Prevention Methods in Leander TX

Ants are the most common insect that home owners will ever come into contact with. Ants are excellent scavengers and can fit through the smallest holes and crawl spaces. They travel in numbers, which makes the chances of an ant infestation more likely than that of any other insect. Once inside of your home, ants immediately begin searching for a reliable food source, this commonly ends up being in your kitchen somewhere. Kitchen pantry, cabinets and other areas that you store your food are a great place for ants to take small pieces of nourishment and feed their nest. Ants leave an invisible scented trail behind that will lead others from the food to the nest, and back and forth as long as they are allowed.

Signs of Ants in your Home

live ants crawling around your home. If you are noticing large amounts of ants gathering in your kitchen, bathroom or in cabinets, then you have got an ant problem. Perform a thorough inspection of your home and try to discover where it is they are gaining access to. Seal these areas off to prevent future ants from coming in.

Best Ant Prevention

One way to help prevent ants from becoming attracted to your home is eliminating all food and crumbs from the floor and counter tops. Seal food up in air tight containers making it impossible for ants to get to. After a meal, be sure to clean everything up, leaving no crumbs out on the table or floor and throwing food out that will not be eaten. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink that have food left on them as well. Ants have a superb sense of smell so any food left out is an immediate attraction for the ants.

Ant Nests in Walls of Houses

While most ant nests are usually identified outdoors as large mounds of dirt on the ground, ants can also make their nests within the walls of your home, or other quiet dark places which can be more difficult to spot. Once ants have entered into your home and established a healthy nest, they can be most difficult to remove, especially on your own.

Ant Pest Infestation Control & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Plugerville, Leander & Cedar Park TX

If you are experiencing an ant problem in your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management today. Out technicians will locate the ants within your home and destroy their nests.

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